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MStand launched "eat" combo, netizens: like gnawing paper!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop I believe many people know that coffee brand M Stand has an oatmeal cookie latte that can be eaten with a "cup" once swept the network, using dense oatmeal chocolate cookies to "replace" the traditional coffee cup, which contains freshly made coffee cups

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I believe many people know that coffee brand M Stand has an oatmeal cookie latte that can be eaten with a "cup" once swept the network, using dense oatmeal chocolate cookies to "replace" the traditional coffee cup, which is filled with fresh hot milk coffee, providing tasters with a unique experience of drinking coffee and eating the cup.

M Stand recently launched an upgraded version of this "eatable coffee cup" with a medium-baked Essel blend of coffee beans: limited to Combo, two drinks per bean.

In order to match two different types of coffee, M Stand also makes a distinction in the edible cup, one black and one white with hot American style and hot latte respectively. The coffee cup is made of oat fiber grain, with the white cup as the original flavor and the black cup as the cocoa flavor. To avoid leakage, M Stand gives advice that it is best to drink all the coffee before eating the cup.

That is, you can try new beans, but also with the current boutique coffee circle popular Combo package, while get to two different cups of coffee, you can also get the experience of drinking coffee and eating a cup. M Stand's two drinks with one bean can be said to meet consumers' wishes at once, and naturally, many players who are willing to taste fresh have filled their expectations and successfully recommended them.

Due to the restrictions on the production form of Combo, this double coffee eaten with cups can not be packed and delivered, so it can only be enjoyed at the store site. So this weekend, many workers who took advantage of the break met M Stand to "pull the grass", and all kinds of photogenic Combo pictures continued to flow out, making new products active under the related topics of social platforms.

On the other hand, in the matter of eating coffee cups, netizens give full play to their respective strengths. Some people finish drinking and put on gloves to concentrate on eating; others are anxious to taste fresh and eat while drinking; and some people can't eat enough coffee, so they pack them up and take them away.

It is worth noting that, perhaps out of fear that the edible cup will be softened or broken by the coffee liquid, M Stand's new oatmeal cup uses compressed biscuits to make the cup look thinner, but also stronger, so it is harder to nibble.

Since the selling point is to drink two beans with one cup, many people are more concerned about "whether the cup is delicious" or "worth brewing" than the taste of the coffee in the cup. As a result, among the many comments, in addition to sharing the taste of the two cups of coffee, the oatmeal cup, which limits Combo, has also received a wave of complaints:

"the cup tastes like plastic..."tasteless, no oil, dry enough"the cup smells like chicken feed"nibbled a few cups hard and gave up"Oat Cup is a gimmick, dry and hard, like eating paper."

"this oatmeal cup is so hard that it pokes a hole in my upper jaw and keeps bleeding."

As one netizen said, the form of edible cup + Combo is really interesting, and being able to drink the same beans to make American style and latte at once is more like paying for experience than spending one share on two cups of coffee. However, when it comes to whether there will be a buyback, people think that one drink is enough.

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