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Pull flowers over? Barista: This is art!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click attention| Among the many coffee brands, Manner barista impressed consumers the most, should be coffee pull flowers. Most customers receive a hot, flowered latte from Manner's barista, if not specifically told. social

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Among the many coffee brands, what impresses consumers most about Manner baristas should be the coffee florets. Even without special instructions, most customers will receive a hot latte with flowers from a Manner barista.

Social media can also see Manner users share from time to time. Love, tulips, leaves, swans, unicorns and so on are all common works of Manner baristas posted by netizens.

As for what pattern you will see on the latte that day, it depends on the mood of the barista. Some Manner users reported that every time they received coffee from a barista, they didn't expect the flower pattern they would receive today, "like opening a blind box."

However, not every latte can have a beautiful flower pattern. Recently, a netizen opened a not-so-satisfactory "flower-drawing blind box". She said that she had prepared her mobile phone camera to take a picture of the beauty, but this time the flower she received was really "abstract", so that people could not see what kind of pattern it was.

The indescribable flower pattern will more or less affect the mood of the drinker. Onlookers have left messages to comfort the customer: "recently, the novice barista is not skilled, and the flower pattern has turned over."it's all right, it doesn't affect the taste of coffee."

Among them, the comfort of baristas is more "hard core". Because one by one, they posted the historical photos of pull flowers collected in mobile phone photo albums, which shows that although the pull flowers received by this customer are indescribable, they are actually quite good-looking. Back then, when people first learned to pull flowers, the pattern was "not the ugliest, only ugliest".

Wheat ear: I didn't offend anyone! Don't turn me into a wreath!

This may be the banana leaf in the leaf family.

Netizen: I know! This is "Line Xiaoqiang"!

Barista: thank you for giving me a new name 🙏 for this graffiti.

Netizens studying agriculture said that although it is a little ugly, it can be seen at a glance that it is loquat!

Consumer: look! These are the flowers that Manner barista pulled for me!

Netizen: the swan in the upper right corner, it may be a little malnourished

Barista: it's not a perfect thousand layers of love, but it can be a pen refill.

Netizen: this. It is suggested to change the shooting angle!

"bang" a big white point, quickly took out the carved needle (hua) to save (la) a few times

A good-looking flower pattern may not turn an ordinary hot latte into a delicacy, but for drinkers, good things always make people feel happy, and the coffee they drink will taste better.

However, occasionally receiving an ugly "unique" flower pattern is not all a bad thing. After all, this kind of "ugly flower pattern" may only happen once in a while, and the next time you show it to the author, you may not be able to reproduce it perfectly. Therefore, if you encounter a careless mistake by a barista, when you get the "ugly pull flower", it should be regarded as a blind box to hide the money.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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