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The street tree in front of Ruixing is "iced"to cause controversy

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Recently, a netizen released a small video of a tree facing a Ruixing store piled up a hill of ice, a lot of ice covered the root of the land, and a little ice spilled from the tree pool, let people can't help but see for the roadside tree feel a burst of penetration

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Recently, a netizen posted a small video showing an ice hill under a tree facing a lucky store. A large amount of ice covered the land at the root of the tree, and a little ice overflowed from the tree pool, which made people feel cold when they saw the street tree.

Lucky employees have previously disclosed the strict rules of the store, including regular cleaning of the ice maker. Lucky employees said that every time the ice maker is cleaned, it is necessary to shovel out all the original ice and then clean it to ensure that the ice produced when the ice maker starts again is fresh and clean.

As for the ice shoveled from the ice maker every time, it is difficult for the employees to solve the problem. If it is stacked in the sink in the store, the ice will melt slowly and will occupy the sink space for a long time. If you want to accelerate the melting of ice, you need to wash it with running water. In the eyes of employees, it is inefficient and a waste of water to deal with excess ice in this way.

As a result, some lucky employees choose to pour the ice into the sewer by the side of the road and let it melt naturally and discharge it directly into the sewer. Some employees dump ice into the pool of street trees, thinking that the melted water can irrigate the trees and make the best use of it.

However, the act of dumping a large amount of ice under the street trees is seen by netizens as harming the trees and destroying the greening of the city. Although Lucky's ice cubes are made from frozen drinking water and the water quality is clean, piling up so much ice on the roots of street trees may frostbite the roots of trees that are not resistant to freezing, causing irreparable damage.

However, some people think that the street trees standing along the street are not so "delicate". They think that the street trees are all high-quality trees with strong tolerance, and they are more "resistant" than ordinary flowers and trees. And judging from the clothes of the shop assistants in the camera and the degree of sunlight at that time, the local temperature is higher, and the ice may melt in the sun within a few hours, which should not have a serious impact on the street trees.

While netizens were arguing about the way Lucky employees handled ice cubes, some media consulted the staff of the Garden Bureau about the situation. According to the staff, due to the poor physical and chemical properties of the soil on both sides of the road, most street trees are indeed more resistant than ordinary trees, as netizens say, but this does not mean that street trees can be harmed at will.

The staff advised that a large amount of ice should not be dumped at will in the pool of street trees, and merchants should not dump it around the roots of the trees, even if they want to pour ice. This will affect the transpiration of trees and is not conducive to their normal growth. If the tree species is not resistant to waterlogging, a large amount of water after melting ice will pour into the soil, which may cause stagnant water at the roots of the trees and have a great impact on the street trees.

So for the sake of the health of street trees, lucky should give less ice.

Videos and pictures from: Xiao Hongshu

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