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Why does the milk bubble of coffee pull flowers always have endless bubbles? How to send out dense and delicate milk foam?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Often pull flowers you, whether there is such trouble: send the completed milk bubble often with more small bubbles, in any case "Duang, Duang, Duang"shock cylinder, inverted cylinder, surface bubble elimination immediately after other small bubbles, simply shock! If you've suffered this too.

Do you, who often pull flowers, have such troubles: the finished milk bubbles often have more small bubbles, no matter how the "Duang, Duang, Duang" shock cylinder, inverted cylinder, surface bubbles immediately emerge after the elimination of other small bubbles, the shock can not be finished!

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Why are there so many bubbles? The mixing process of milk foam consists of three steps: foaming, beating and fusion. Together, these three steps control the quality of milk bubbles, just like the four elements of the extraction of hand-brewed coffee. The foaming step is easy to understand, that is, "making something out of nothing". Large bubbles are created on the surface of milk by steam. But it is obvious that the large size of air bubbles has no way to produce a good-looking flower-pulling effect, so we need to cut these large bubbles many times through the second step. The swirling whirlpool will cut and disperse the atmospheric bubbles into countless tiny bubbles. Finally, through the fusion step, the milk foam and milk are integrated. Such a jar of dense and delicate milk foam will be finished!

A scene like the one at the beginning is roughly caused by three factors:

First, this step is very critical. In the process of beating, we need to create a whirlpool in the milk tank, and all the big bubbles will be involved in the center of the whirlpool for many times. But if there is no vortex, or the suction of the vortex is not strong enough, then some bubbles will not be cut many times, thus forming a lot of small bubbles.

Therefore, it is very important for Qianjie to share how to do it correctly. First of all, we need to find the angle and position of the steam bar so that the ejected steam can form a parallel force and promote the formation of the whirlpool. The front street of this position is recommended in the middle of the three (nine) o'clock direction of the milk tank and the center point, so that the steam can push the milk and form a whirlpool.

Then the steam rod should be able to form an angle of 60 °C with the liquid surface, so that the whirlpool can have a stronger suction, involve the bubbles, and cut all the bubbles.

In addition, we can expand the liquid level by tilting the vat, which can also make the vortex more attractive. Of course, this is not necessarily because of the player's technical reasons. The steam bars of many household coffee machines are not enough to tilt the large milk tank to form a liquid surface that can create a whirlpool. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that the milk tank can be replaced with a milk tank with a smaller capacity / volume, so as to increase the scope and suction of the whirlpool, and then pull flowers by inverting the cylinder into a large flower jar.

Second, after the beating is completed, although foaming many times, many friends may have completed the beating action excellently, it is possible that in the fusion link after beating, the steam hole will surface the milk surface many times without attention, thus foaming again.

Although you can use the rest of the time for sex and fusion, but the final foam is very difficult to be dense, so friends must remember that it is best to reduce the final foaming behavior.

Third, the milk temperature is not low enough, and finally it is the milk temperature. When the milk temperature tends to normal temperature, it is too late to enter the fusion step, especially for some coffee machines with strong steam. The milk warms up in a flash. So before using milk to pass away, we'd better put the milk in the refrigerator. If milk has a separate refrigerator like a coffee shop, Qianjie recommends that the temperature of the refrigerator be adjusted to a temperature that is about to freeze. In this way, milk will have more time to be spent, and the fault tolerance rate will be greatly increased.


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