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Ruixing Coffee founder Liu Zhengyao is forced to hold 3 billion yuan a year!!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop yesterday, In the United States of Cudi coffee first store officially landed in Hawaii, Its founder Liu Zhengyao and partner Li Huan were forced to execute nearly 1.89 billion yuan news also circulated online simultaneously. On the evening of the 7th, the founder of #Cudi Coffee was forced to

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Yesterday, when the first US store of Coffee Coffee in the United States officially landed in Hawaii, the news that its founder Lu Zhengyao and his partner Li Wun had been enforced for nearly 1.89 billion yuan also circulated online at the same time. On the evening of the 7th, the founder of # Coffee Coffee was obsessed with the topic # and has been read more than 150 million times on Weibo.

According to the China Enforcement Information publicity Network, Lu Zhengyao was executed for about 1.896 billion yuan, and the enforcement court was the Beijing No. 4 Intermediate people's Court, which filed the case on April 3.

As the case was only filed on the 3rd, according to the relevant legal procedures and regulations, the specific reasons for this enforcement have not been officially disclosed by the authorities, and all information can only be obtained by the parties or lawyers.

According to Interface News, from the current public information, the above case is a legacy of the "Shenzhou Department" automobile company founded by Lu Zhengyao.

In 2020, following the "lucky fraud incident", the capital of "China Department" built by Lu Zhengyao collapsed instantly, and Lu Zhengyao and the Shenzhou excellent car Company behind it also faced intensive contract and debt litigation.

Since January 2021, Lu Zhengyao and his spouse Guo Lichun have been forced to enforce 1.367 billion yuan over a contract dispute with Shanghai Puyin Axa Asset Management Co., Ltd. since then, four more messages have been executed, totaling 4.595 billion yuan. Corresponding to the executive message, Lu Zhengyao also has 10 messages that have been restricted to high consumption, and the case is from January 2021 to January 2024.

In addition, according to Tianyan investigation data, in addition to the latest 1.89 billion yuan case, Lu Zhengyao also had three pieces of information to be executed in March 2023, April 2023, and January 2024, with a total amount of more than 1.1 billion yuan. Together with the new amount of execution on April 7, Lu Zhengyao has been forced to execute nearly 3 billion yuan in about a year. In addition, Lu Zhengyao also has a number of consumption restrictions and equity freeze information. (the final case is generally due to the fact that the person subject to execution has no property available for enforcement, and the execution procedure is terminated. )

According to public data, Lu Zhengyao was born in Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province in July 1969. he is currently Chairman and CEO of China car Rental Board, Chairman of Shenzhou Youche, Chairman of Coffee Strategy Committee of Kudi Coffee, and has served as Chairman of Luckin Coffee. It has always attracted a lot of attention because of its business actions.

Originally carrying the title of "one of the members of the former Ruixing financial fraud team", and then "falling" on its entrepreneurial projects such as "funny noodles" and "tongue-tip heroes", Lu Zhengyao no longer has much market persuasiveness. Today's Kudi Coffee is in a relatively considerable state of operation.

Lu Zhengyao founded Kudi Coffee in October 2022. As to whether the above enforcement will have an impact on the flow of funds or the speed of expansion of Kudi Coffee, some media reporters asked Kudi about the situation, and the person in charge said, "there is no impact. Everything is normal at the moment." In fact, from the operational level of the company, as the legal representative of Kudi, Lu Zhengyao related debt, restricted high consumption and other risks really will not affect the normal operation of Kudi Coffee.

However, it is worth noting that Cudy, which currently has as many as 7000 stores, is almost "imitating" Luckin Coffee in terms of products, pricing, and strategy, and launches "hand-to-hand combat" with it all the year round. It not only practices the low-price strategy of single-digit coffee for a long time, but also continues to distribute stores to other countries and regions, so it needs strong capital to support it.

In the context of the development of Kudi's need for external financing, Lu Zhengyao has been exposed with billions of news of enforcement of huge amounts of money, which may bring a more severe test to the refinancing of Kudi Coffee.

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