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Four college students asked Starbucks to change the terms of their prepaid cards!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop membership card recharge is common, as is the case with Starbucks Star Gift Card. Consumers can purchase Star Gift Cards according to their own needs, and can also enjoy certain discounts while recharging and spending. However, in actual use, some college students have found that when their star gift card is used,

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Membership card recharge consumption is not uncommon, Starbucks Starbucks gift card is such, consumers can buy star card according to their own needs, recharge consumption at the same time can also enjoy certain concessions. However, in practice, some college students found that they could not buy any Starbucks products or get a refund when they had only 19 yuan left in their gift cards.

In addition, there are other problems with the star gift card in the hands of consumers: the recharge amount must be a multiple of 100 and cannot be set according to consumer demand, while the refund card needs to charge 2% of the balance as a handling fee, with a minimum charge of 20 yuan.

After research, there is no such situation in the use of prepaid cards of many tea brands, and users can refund according to the actual amount without being charged by the brand. Therefore, in the view of this college student, the terms of the star gift card are unreasonable and infringe upon the rights and interests of the majority of consumers.

So the college student and his classmates formed a team to file a lawsuit with Starbucks (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. on June 19, 2023, and filed a case in the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate people's Court, asking Starbucks to fulfill its reasonable reminder obligations. to bolster and blacken the dispute settlement provisions in the articles of association of the star gift card, as well as abolish the card refund fee and lift the recharge limit.

(the picture is taken from Shanghai Songjiang official account)

In the face of consumers' claims, Starbucks updated the Star Gift Card rules on July 15, bolstered and blackened the dispute settlement terms, and attached the Star Gift Card articles and platform instructions to the purchase agreement. Users will also have warm reminders when opening a star gift card, so that consumers can quickly understand the important terms of the star gift card charter.

As for the other two claims made by consumers, Starbucks could not immediately make corresponding improvements, but promised to adjust the relevant provisions within the time limit agreed by both parties. The two sides reached a settlement under the mediation of the court, and the prosecutor chose to withdraw the lawsuit.

(photo taken from Starbucks App screenshot)

Until November 6, after the star gift card charter was revised, the card return fee was reduced from 2% to 1.5%, and the minimum fee of 20 yuan was cancelled. The recharge function of the star gift card is also adjusted, and the recharge amount can be defined by the user and can be accurate to one decimal place.

In addition, the mandatory extension management fee for Starbucks' gift card, which got Starbucks into controversy last year, has also been amended in its charter. Starbucks users' gift cards are automatically extended for three years after their expiration date. No longer charge extension management fee.

Many unreasonable problems existing in the domestic star card were exposed by the media as early as many years ago, and it was pointed out many times that Starbucks did not fulfill its corresponding prompt obligations before users bought the star card, and some important terms and information were placed in an inconspicuous position. it is difficult for users to know the "routine" in the star card if they do not make a special inquiry.

As a result, some consumers complained about the star card issue before, but most of them chose to give up because of the high cost of litigation or arbitration, and Starbucks did not make corresponding corrections after the media exposure. However, this time, college students sued Starbucks, prompting Starbucks to pay attention to the terms of the Starbucks card and take the initiative to rectify it. Maybe Starbucks is paying more and more attention to the feelings of domestic consumers.

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