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MANNER barista adopts stray cats and turns them into a cat cafe!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Sucking cats is great for a while, but it's always cool. "Nowadays, more and more young people regard" sucking cats "and" rubbing dogs "as one of the great joys of life, and the number of pet owners is increasing day by day. In daily life, if a store not only has a comfortable environment and good coffee,

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"smoking cats is a pleasure for a moment, and it has always been fun."

Nowadays, more and more young people regard "smoking cats" and "stroking dogs" as one of the great joys of life, and pet groups are growing day by day. In daily life, if a store not only has a comfortable environment and good coffee, but also is particularly friendly to cats and dogs, then it will certainly leave a good impression on customers. Because a qualified community coffee shop must be inseparable from the service of temperature.

Recently, a MANNER in Tianhe City, Guangzhou has become popular on social media because of its pet-friendly image.

Walking into this MANNER, you will see such an abnormal picture: the entrance is filled with the owner's exclusive cat climbing rack, cat nest, as well as pet items such as cat food and drinking water dishes, and while waiting for coffee, you will see several "indigenous residents" of different colors waiting for an opportunity to come out. The strangest thing is that compared to coffee, people pick up their mobile phones to photograph these cats, even calling their names.

Unlike the "staff" of regular cat cafes, these hairy children are not very active in interacting with people, but focus on a quiet atmosphere for a long time (ignoring you). Some turn their bellies to bask in the sun, some curl up in their seats to sleep, some are busy "inspecting" materials, and some rub against other people's iced American coffee. But it seems that no matter what they do, they can always please the guests, and can't help but take a few more pictures.

It is understood that these cats were originally stray cats active in the vicinity of the shopping mall, with irregular haunts, lying where they were cool and drilling wherever they were comfortable. But because MANNER baristas feed them regularly and let them sleep in cardboard boxes or chairs, cats are no longer afraid of health and gradually regard it as a "home".

As there are more and more cute members and often interact with guests who come to buy coffee, baristas who are "landlords" recently put up small signs for these new residents, reminding everyone to be careful when "smoking cats." be careful not to disturb so as not to get scratched. In addition, employees have also purchased supporting facilities for small vagrants to settle down, which not only provides an independent place to rest and play, but also separates the dining space of other customers. It is difficult not to move people with a small mind on the details.

Of course, these Hakimi are not always obedient to stay where they are, occasionally fighting or causing a little trouble. For example, just a few days ago, a gray raccoon cat named "preserved egg" climbed up to the ceiling of the mall and couldn't get down for a while, so she had to call for help. So the staff held the cardboard box high and took it from above. When the cat was successfully "taken down", only a loud clap was heard: "it's you again." It seems that this kind of episode happens here from time to time, and baristas are not surprised.

In this way, a few hairy children continue to gain a large number of fans around. This store in Tianhe City has been successfully promoted into a "cat coffee" because of the benevolence of the barista, and "going to MANNER to pet the cat" has also added an excuse for nearby workers to touch fish. In addition, on social platforms, as the "MANNER with cats" was once spread by everyone, many cat lovers went to buy a cup of coffee after hearing the news to take a look at the rumored "social cattle and cats".

Once heard such a saying, public welfare does not have to say the meaning to do, but as long as it is meaningful. In fact, rescuing stray cats is a common move, but baristas like MANNER not only take good care of each cat member, build a permanent residence for them, but also post prompts for hairy children. In such a coffee shop full of human feelings, you must get extra points.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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