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What kind of coffee is the navel? What does the navel taste like in the border estate of Colombia? What is thermal shock fermentation?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Front Street Coffee: Colombia·Dividing Line Estate Big navel Production Area: Huilan Production Area Estate: Dividing Line Estate (Finca El Diviso) Elevation: 1700 meters Processing method: Double anaerobic sunshine Variety: Big navel Flavor: Grapes, oranges, blueberries, pineapple juice, spices, fermented aroma 2

Front street coffee: Columbia demarcation line manor big belly button

Producing area: Cymbidium producing area

Manor: dividing Line Manor (Finca El Diviso)

Altitude: 1700 m

Treatment: double anaerobic solarization

Variety: big belly button

Flavor: grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple juice, spices, fermented wine

In 2022, WBC was well known for the fact that Australia's Anthony Douglas chose a coffee from Finca El Diviso in Vera, Colombia, and won the crown. In the past two years, a new variety called "Ombligon" planted by the dividing line manor has also been favored by many contestants.

Big belly button coffee first entered the public eye at the WBC Finals in 2023, when Australia's Jack Simpson, who ranked third, used the bean and showed off its rich juice feeling through three different drinks. At the WBrC finals in Chicago, which ended not long ago, two of the top six finalists also used a big belly button from Columbia's demarcation estate as a bean for the competition.

Large belly button (Ombligon)

Like many rare Arabica varieties, there is no way to know where the belly button comes from, and when asked about Canon, the answer is basically an Ethiopian variety. At present, the belly button only grows in the Cymbidium producing area in southwestern Colombia, especially at an altitude of 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level.

The word "Ombligon" comes from Spanish and translates into Chinese with the meaning of "big belly" and "big belly navel". Because the shape of its coffee fruit is very special, like papaya, and the fruit is large, the bottom is protruding, but also with a small circle, looks like a "belly button". This is not uncommon in most coffee varieties, and Cannons are named for this feature.

Genetic tests by the World Coffee Institute showed that the navel was related to the Ethiopian native species, so it was identified as a variety formed by natural mutation of the Ethiopian native species in Colombia. The growers also found that among the native Colombian coffee varieties, the belly button had a high similarity with Kaddura, with broad leaves, dense coffee fruits, vertical branches and high yield. at the same time, they all have high resistance to leaf rust.

Dividing Line Manor (Finca El Diviso)

The demarcation estate is located in the town of Pitalito in Huilan Province, where the owner Jose Uribe Lasso began growing coffee in 1996. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, he moved from Nalinglong to the town of Pitalito in Huilan and bought El Diviso in early 2000, opening a new chapter in the demarcation estate.

The Huilan producing area was chosen because of its rich volcanic soil and rich and diverse ecological environment, which gives the landowner Jose great confidence that as long as he works hard, he can grow coffee and any other crops in ideal conditions. Today, the dividing line estate is managed by three brothers, the eldest brother Jhoan is responsible for planting management, Nestor is responsible for the operation of the entire estate, and the youngest Adrian is responsible for all kinds of marketing and sales.

The dividing Line Manor has always been committed to cultivating some rare bean species that are rare on the market. In addition to the known claw and belly button, the estate also has rare varieties such as pink Pink bourbon, Papayo, Tabi, Chiroso and Bourbon Aji, as well as some novel species of natural variation. In addition, the landowner is also keen to develop different types of innovative treatments to make coffee cherries show diverse and complex characteristics.

The treatment of large belly button coffee

When choosing the processing method of coffee fruit, the owner of the dividing line takes into account that the biggest flavor feature of large belly button coffee is the diverse and complex sense of juice, and compares the flavor characteristics of different post-processed batches of coffee, compared with other varieties, after a certain degree of fermentation, the coffee cherry can show a clear and long-lasting fruit aroma.

After the ripe cherries are harvested, they will be floated in hot water (50-60 ℃). After removing the undermature fruits and impurities, the denser fruits will be soaked in high temperature water for about 25 minutes. After the flotation, some defective fruits missed by flotation are put into a sealed fermentation tank for 24 hours to increase their taste and sweetness, and the fermentation broth from the coffee is collected.

Next, according to the actual amount of fresh fruit of the batch, the manor owner will add sugar water to mix a sufficient amount of fermentation broth, activate Saccharomyces cerevisiae with sugar solution, add it to the fermentation broth and mix it into the fermentation broth, then pour it into the fermentation bucket and mix it with coffee and cherries for 72 hours. During this period, the fermentation broth will be recycled every 4 hours, and the pH value will be monitored to ensure that it is not less than 3.8.

After the coffee fruit is fermented, it is taken out and put into a drying box made by the manor to be dehydrated for 12 hours. There is no external heat source in the whole process, and the coffee fruit is dried completely by using its own heat through circulating air flow. Finally, it is transferred to the scaffolding and dried on the net for about 15 days.

The suggestion of hand brewing of Qianjie coffee

Filter cup: V60 water temperature: 91: 93 ℃ powder quantity: 15g powder-water ratio: 1:15 Grinding degree: fine sugar size (20 sieve bowl sieve powder to 80%)

For brewing and cooking, baristas in front street are used to using three-stage water injection techniques: the first stage is filled with 30 grams of water for 30 seconds, followed by 95 grams (about 125 grams shown by the electronic scale), and the injection is completed in about 1 minute. When the water level drops to the powder layer 2Gap 3 places to inject the remaining 100 grams (the electronic scale shows about 225 grams), about 1 minute 35 seconds to complete the injection. The time is 2 minutes to complete the drip filtration, remove the filter cup and complete the extraction.

Brewing flavor: at high temperature, there are blackcurrant, Jufeng grape-like fruit acidity, accompanied by the sweetness of orange, like ripe pineapple juice in the mouth, with obvious berries and black tea after swallowing. Medium and low temperature sipping is a bright citrus tone and slight fermented wine, with rich layers.


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