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2024 Excellence Cup COE returns to Ethiopia

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, It is understood that the full name of COE is "Cup of Excellen", which translates to the Cup of Excellence. It is the first coffee event held in Brazil in 1999 by the non-profit organization Excellence Coffee Organization (ACE). It is also the first global Internet auction platform for award-winning coffee. And every country

It is understood that the full name of COE is "Cup of Excellen" and translated as "excellent Cup". It is the first coffee competition held in Brazil by the non-profit organization Excellence Coffee Organization (ACE) in 1999, and it is also the first Internet auction platform for award-winning coffee in the world.

And every country can bid for the COE competition, and the beans are produced from all over the host country, through the cup test (blind test) to score the competition, and after the competition, the winning coffee beans will be auctioned, which will make the winning manor have enough reputation and considerable auction revenue.

The proceeds from the auction will give farmers more incentive to cultivate high-quality coffee beans, and consumers around the world can also obtain high-quality coffee beans from all over the world through the platform.

As early as 2020, Ethiopia held the first COE competition and auction, of which 28 award-winning products generated a turnover of US $134. Then, at Ethiopia's COE auction in 2022, the price of Ethiopian coffee reached an all-time high of $400.5 (2899 yuan) per pound.

In addition, Ethiopia COE was originally launched by ACE in cooperation with the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority and is funded by the Feed Future value chain Initiative (FTFVCA) signed between the United States Government and the Ethiopian Government.

However, according to ACE, the program ended its cooperation and the funds were no longer available. In addition, clashes broke out due to the dissatisfaction of the new democratically elected government by the left-wing PFDJ, which is made up of Tigrel people in northern Ethiopia, which eventually led to civil war.

After discussing with the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, ACE decided that there were many problems in Ethiopia and suspended Ethiopia's COE in 2023. This year, the Ethiopian government said it had stabilized the situation, so it decided to restart COE.

It is said that more than 600 samples have arrived at the regional warehouse this year. In addition, it will be divided into two winning categories: the tanning group and the water washing group, and the European Commission is currently selecting international jurors, saying that Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica and has many native species there, so it is looking forward to this COE.

It can be said that this is expected to break the high auction history of 2022. As for consumers, they will look forward to the emergence of new high-quality beans in Ethiopian coffee this year.