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Do I need to sip when making coffee by hand? What is the sip of a cup test? What is the purpose?

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Friends who have been immersed in cafes all year round or participated in cup testing meetings should have more or less heard sounds like "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh", right? Friends who are confused may think that this sound is like Japanese ramen sucking, a way to express the delicious food. But in fact, this is our desire to better feel coffee

Friends who have been immersed in cafes or participated in cup tests all year round have more or less heard the sound of "sex, sex, sex"? Friends who don't know why may think that this sound, like Japanese ramen, is a way to express that the food is delicious. But in fact, this is the sound of the action we use to better feel the taste of coffee, which has a proper term-"sipping".

What is "sipping"? Sipping is an action that can quickly inhale coffee liquid into the mouth and atomize it. At the beginning, this action is mainly used for cup testing, because it has two advantages that are very suitable for cup testing! The first benefit is as said at the beginning of the front street: you can feel the flavor of coffee better. In order to show the taste of coffee beans, we need to reduce the effect of artificial methods on the extraction. Therefore, people invented "cup test". The coffee is extracted by using high water temperature, rough grinding and soaking for a long time.

Although the cup test will not be artificially affected to change the taste of coffee, but because its extraction efficiency is not so high, it will not drink as strong as hand-made. Therefore, people need to sip to enlarge the flavor, so as to better feel the flavor of coffee. By sipping and atomizing the coffee liquid, the surface area of the coffee liquid increases and the contact area is wider, so the smell can be more clearly perceived by our taste buds. At the same time, the atomized coffee liquid will release more aromas, which will be captured by our sense of smell behind our nose, so we can receive more aroma information under the dual action of smell and taste.

And then the second point, lower the temperature! The extraction water temperature used in the cup test is 94 °C. even after soaking for four minutes, the liquid will still be at a high temperature of more than 70 °C. As we all know, the high temperature of coffee liquid will reduce our perception of taste! The expressive force of sour and bitter taste will be inhibited at high temperature, and it will be more obvious when the temperature drops. Therefore, we need to sip, let the air lower the temperature of the coffee, and then feel the performance of the coffee liquid more comprehensively! With the popularity of sipping, more and more friends will drink coffee in the way of sipping when drinking coffee. This makes people wonder, do you also need to sip to drink?

Should I also use sipping for hand flushing? Compared with the cup test, as hand brewing increases the influence of artificial methods, coffee can have a better flavor performance! At the same time, after cooking, the temperature of the water drops to a temperature acceptable to the tongue, so we can feel the obvious flavor without sipping.

However, no matter how obvious the flavor is, it is difficult for beginners to perceive it. So sipping is also a good way to apply it at this time. However, if you want to give full play to the advantages of sipping, then scientific sipping action is essential!

How to use sipping correctly? First of all, we close our mouth into a seam, then fill the coffee liquid with a spoon or small cup and send it to the lower lip, then open the upper lip slightly, take a deep breath of air, breathe the air into the mouth together with the coffee liquid, then close our lips tightly, feel the taste of coffee in the mouth, and at the same time, exhale the gas remaining in the mouth through the nasal tube and feel the taste of the gas as it passes through the nasal cavity. This is a scientific sipping application!

But what we need to know is that sipping produces a loud sound, and if you are in an environment with a large number of people, it is best to use it with caution. Otherwise, it will become the most dazzling focus in this crowd! This is not a good thing for some social terrorist friends.