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Starbucks launches Boba and offers its new Refreshers summer ice drink

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop As we all know, you can add some flavored syrups or ingredients for an extra fee to order drinks at Starbucks. In history, there have also been orders for dozens of additional syrups for a cup of coffee, which once made friends feel suffocated. From today on, Starbus

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It is well known that Starbucks can pay extra to add some flavor syrup or ingredients, and in history, there have been orders for dozens of syrup for a cup of coffee, which once suffocated partners.

Starting today, Starbucks will launch three new Refreshers summer ice drinks with exploding pearls, a popular raspberry flavor, in stores across the United States. It seems that it is hopeful to add milk tea ingredients to the coffee this time.

During an underperforming earnings conference on April 30th, Laxman Narasimhan, the global chief executive of Starbucks, revealed that for the coming summer, the brand would soon launch its first innovation in taste: the Boba. "this attempt is the first innovation Starbucks consumers can expect in years to upgrade their taste," he said, adding that summer drinks with popping beads will appear on Starbucks's summer menu from May 6.

As for the details of the new product, apart from the words such as taste innovation and pearl, CEO barely revealed much about the new products on this menu. On the contrary, Starbucks' own baristas and social media talent are not so tight-lipped, and they want to reveal the whole recipe of the new product in order to boost their popularity.

On the same day, TikTok user and Starbucks barista @ creigsilimon shared a new formula based on red starched pearls with blue transparent drinks, coconut milk and ice cubes on the social platform, and finally poured it into a Starbucks oversized cup, showing a light blue appearance and introduced as "New Starbucks Summer Skies Drink Refresher".

It is understood that the raspberry exploding pearl will be added to three different flavors of summer berry cool drinks, including raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, which also contain lemon juice, coconut milk and crushed ice.

Through short films uploaded by several Starbucks employees, Pearl, the highlight of this summer's new product, is not a traditional chewy pearl made directly from tapioca, but a popping pearl that breaks in the mouth with a raspberry flavor inside. In addition, it is called "Pearls" in Starbucks, rather than the more common translation Boba in North America.

More significantly, according to a manual issued by a Starbucks employee, today's new summer ice drink must be made with raspberry pearls, because without the pearls, the taste description of the drink will not be valid. In addition to the above-mentioned ice berries, customers can also choose to add the raspberry pearls to other snacks, teas and iced drinks at a charge of $1.25 per spoon (up to 12 tablespoons).

So far, Starbucks has launched similar products in a number of national markets, but the closest thing to Pearl is the caramel coffee popping beads that the brand tested in limited quantities at two stores in Palm Desert, California, and Bellevue, east of Seattle, three years ago.

In December, Starbucks revealed to the media that it was testing limited quantities of two iced drinks containing "coffee popping beads" in two stores: cold extract "In the Dark" and Indian milk tea iced latte "Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls". According to the TikTok film that was once circulated at the time, the "Pearl" added by Starbucks looked like small round grains, which was said to be filled with coffee liquid, tasted "salty and sweet" and received little attention because of its mediocre response.

I believe that in the near future, the order heard by Starbucks baristas is likely to be: Hello, please give me a glass of Frappuccino with pearls!

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