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How hot is the water of American coffee? What is the ratio of coffee to ice to water? It's also black coffee. What's the difference between it and mocha pot coffee?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, How to make a good cup of American coffee? This is something many friends will want to know. Because it is difficult to make a cup of American coffee that satisfies you, whether you follow the store's practices or replicate popular parameters on the Internet. The reason is very simple. The equipment and beans that everyone uses are not very good.

How do you make a good cup of American coffee? This is something many friends will want to know. Because no matter according to the store's practice, or copying the popular parameters on the network, it is difficult to make a cup of American coffee that you are satisfied with. This reason is very simple, the utensils and beans we use are not quite the same, so it is naturally difficult to make the same delicious American coffee. Even if they are all the same, they will have a different understanding of the concept of good taste because of their different tastes. So today, let's put aside the engraving and come to the front street to share how to make a cup of American coffee according to your beans and taste.

If you want to make a good cup of American coffee, you can't do without three key points: coffee base, coffee concentration, and the amount of fat, let's do it one by one.

Although the coffee base can be extracted from mocha pots and capsule coffee, the coffee made with water can be called American coffee only if the concentrate extracted by the Italian coffee machine is used as the base. And since it is the base, the taste of espresso is very important for American coffee! Therefore, the first step in making a good American style is to make a good cup of espresso. (in fact, other black coffee makers can't ignore these points.)

Since you want to make what you think is a good cup of coffee, then a suitable portion of beans is naturally the first choice. Sour and bitter are the two main flavors of coffee beans nowadays. The roasting degree of coffee beans is an important factor that determines the difference between the two. If you want American coffee with more lively acidity, then the first choice is medium-and shallow-roasted "sour beans", which can be chosen from Africa and Central America; if you want a cup of American coffee with a steady taste, then deep-baked beans from Asia and South America must not be missed! When we choose coffee beans, if we want to give full play to their characteristics and extract a good espresso, then a suitable extraction scheme is essential!

In the extraction scheme, the grinding degree of coffee beans is the most difficult to find. Therefore, as Qianjie used to say, we can first apply an extraction formula, that is, how much powder is used and how much liquid weight is extracted in how much time. Use the formula to limit the extraction, which allows us to quickly find the right grinding degree for this bean. We need to decide the amount of extraction powder according to the powder bowl. For example, if the capacity of the powder bowl in Qianjie is 20g, then the deep-baked bean powder that can be filled is between 19.5 and 20.5, while the light-baked coffee powder can be more. The powder of espresso is better than the Italian "golden extraction ratio", that is, 1:2. The extraction time is the same. Based on the above parameters, the extraction time of deep-baked beans can be controlled in the range of 28-32 seconds, while the extraction time of shallow-baked beans can be raised to 28-35 seconds because of its high density and difficulty in extraction. Then we only need to fix the time and the ratio of powder to liquid, and find the degree of grinding through the extraction time. When the extraction time is fast, the grinding will be fine, and if it is slow, the grinding will be thickened (the gap can not be adjusted by the amount of powder). When the extraction time reaches the target range, we can fine-tune it according to the taste. The sharp acid taste may be insufficient extraction, slightly increase the extraction rate and lengthen the liquid weight; when the taste is bitter, it is excessive extraction. We need to reduce the liquid weight of the extraction or adjust the coarse grinding.

And when we extract an espresso that tastes right, the next thing to solve is the amount of water added!

The concentration of coffee by adding water, we can dilute the concentration of concentrated coffee, so as to better import, which is also the root cause of the birth of American coffee. How much water is added and how much concentration is diluted is a big problem in making American style.

Take the Hot American style as an example, the proportion used in the front street is 1:4, that is, one serving of espresso, with four parts of water added. However, there is no need to rush to copy, because it is based on the proportion of coffee beans used in the front street. As we all know very well, Qianjie uses the warm sun mixture of medium and deep baking, which has a balanced sour and bitter taste and a soft taste. Mixing four portions of water on this basis can not only make the coffee perfectly show its flavor, but also leave some space for the concentration of the coffee, so the taste is mellow.

(in order to look good, the photos are taken by pouring water first and then concentrating, do not open the ball.) but if you use light-roasted coffee beans, then the coffee concentration can be appropriately higher. Because the Italian style of light baked beans is slightly less expressive, we need to enlarge the concentration to make the coffee flavor better, while if the concentration is too high, it will make the bitterness too deep. So that the flavor can not show. So we can adjust the proportion appropriately, so that the concentration can be diluted and the bitterness can be shared. Then there is the temperature of the coffee, which is what people are more concerned about. Like the latte, the temperature can be controlled at about 65 ~ 70 °C. The temperature in this range is not easy to burn the mouth, but also can maintain the high temperature for a long time, we can slowly feel the hierarchical changes brought about by the hot American style.

Iced American coffee is a little more particular, after all, iced American coffee will add ice in addition to water. Ice will not only provide a cooling effect, melting it will also dilute the concentration of the United States. So when we determine the ice-water ratio of iced American coffee, we should also consider the speed of ice melting.

Ice American coffee in the former street, for example, the ratio of coffee to ice water is 6.5, and the ratio of ice to water is about 1.8. That is, 38g coffee with 90 grams of ice and 160 grams of water. Ice is frozen for many days, a weight of about 30g of old ice, a total of three. Even about 15 minutes after the production, the ice can still be seen. If small ice cubes are used, the surface area is large and the density is low. Then at the same weight, it will melt much faster than the old ice. The faster the melting rate, the concentration of coffee will be greatly diluted, and as the concentration decreases, the taste and taste will also be diluted. Therefore, more ice cubes are needed to slow down the dissolution rate, so that the excellent taste, taste and concentration can be maintained for a long time.

But this still needs to measure the speed of ice cubes, which is obviously too troublesome. Everyone drinks at different speeds. Some friends can be bored, while others taste like hot American style. And people don't really want to delve into the melting speed of ice cubes, so it's time to pull out the tricks of the front street: directly take out the daily cup of iced American coffee, then add a full cup of ice and fill it with 8% water. Finally, pour in the concentrate and stir well. Through tasting to determine whether the concentration is appropriate, thick to reduce the ice, add more water, dilute the same reason ~

Of course, hot American style is the same, everyone has different tastes, Qianjie still recommends to try and record each ratio, so that you can find the American proportion that best suits you and the beans you use.

The amount of grease is finally a few small details! You know, concentrated oil is an important factor affecting American taste, so this detail can not be ignored! It is often said in the front street that the composition of espresso oil not only contains carbon dioxide and coffee bean lipids, but also contains a lot of very fine powder. These ultra-fine powders can not only increase the alcohol thickness of coffee, but also bring some bitterness.

Then we need to make a choice at this time. If we want the American style to be mellow and fragrant, then the concentrated oil can be added directly as usual. But if you don't want too much bitterness, you can choose to remove the fat so you can get a clean cup of American coffee! But the mellow thickness and aroma will also be reduced, after all, you can have both fish and bear paw.