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A fancy way to drink espresso! How do Cuban coffee, Campo Baolan, and Roman espresso are made respectively?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Under the high-pressure extraction of the Italian coffee machine, all the essence in the powder cake is condensed into a small and exquisite cup of coffee, which is the basis of all espresso coffee-"espresso". When the espresso machine was invented, espresso began to become popular around the world. But at that time, the economy was not

Under the high pressure extraction of the espresso machine, the essence of pressed powder is condensed into a small and delicate cup of coffee, which is the base of all espresso-espresso. When the espresso machine was invented, espresso became popular all over the world. But at that time, the economic downturn and import and export bans limited the circulation of high-quality coffee beans, so people could only use shoddy coffee beans for extraction. In order to cover up the negative taste of shoddy beans, people used very deep roasting of coffee beans at that time. And this bean extract from the concentration from needless to say, extremely strong bitter taste stimulated people's taste buds, miserable. As a result, some people who can't drink bitterness like Qianjie will try their best to dilute the concentrated bitterness. For example, the "Roman espresso", which was shared on the street a few days ago, with lemon and sugar added to the concentrate, is one of them.

Besides lemons, there are many different substances that can be added to the concentrate. They dilute the bitterness of the coffee without changing the concentrated nature, making it easier for people to taste and enjoy this cup of short-lived delicacy. So, what Qianjie wants to share today is just as the title says: about Italian concentrated fancy drink! Let's see how else we can drink espresso.

Less extract, more extract Ristretto and Lungo must be very familiar to everyone, Qianjie a brief introduction is good. Both of them are members of the espresso system, which are short extract and long extract versions of espresso. By limiting / lengthening the extraction of espresso to reduce the bitterness / dilution concentration, espresso can be better accepted.

(Lungo on the left, regular Espresso on the left, and Ristretto on the right) adding sugar directly to the coffee is one of the most common practices! Sugar can not only reduce the bitterness of coffee, but also make the whole cup of coffee taste better because of its sweetness. So if you don't want to go to too much trouble, then adding sugar is definitely the easiest thing to do.

And there are many kinds of sugar! The most common sugars in coffee are granulated sugar and yellow sugar. If you don't need too much sweetness, we can add 5g granulated sugar to a cup of 40ml double espresso; if you want to be sweet, you can increase the added sugar to 10g or replace it with brown sugar. If you don't think it's sweet enough, try Cuban espresso.

Cuban espresso with brown sugar Cuba's famous drinks in addition to mojito in Jay Chou's songs, there are also Cuban espresso! By adding a lot of brown sugar, the coffee is mixed into a more popular presence. Although traditional Cuban coffee is made from mocha pot coffee, espresso has become more popular with the development of the times. The specific method of this Cuban espresso is to divide the extraction of espresso into two parts. in the process of coffee extraction, cut off a small amount of coffee liquid and pour it into a cup filled with a lot of brown sugar to stir until it bubbles!

When all the sugar melts and the coffee becomes sticky, you only need to stir the remaining espresso and stir it again.

Macchiato with a small amount of milk foam, but many friends don't like the sweetness of sugar, so try adding a small amount of milk and dilute the bitterness and concentration of coffee with the lactose and taste of milk. As it happens, Macchiato, that's the way it exists!

Macchiato "Macchiato", translated to mean imprint, because in the past, people would ask baristas to concentrate and add a little milk to dilute the bitterness. However, the addition of a small amount of concentrated milk is not much different from other concentrated milk in appearance. No prize contest, which of the following cups of condensed milk is added?

(release the answer: the cup on the right) when coffee orders pile up, baristas can easily bring out the wrong products to customers. So, in order to distinguish it, the barista dotted the surface with a little milk foam to mark the espresso with milk. Macchiato, thus named.

Herbalife blue with cream if you want to drink a cup without bitter concentration, but also have a very dense touch, then Campbell blue is absolutely the best choice! Campbell blue, like Macchiato, is a very traditional espresso. Its full name is "Espresso Con panna" and its translated name is "espresso and cream". However, it is commonly used to call it "Con Panna" for short and translate it directly into "Campbell Blue"!

As the name suggests, this coffee is only concentrated and creamy. The existence of cream can not only dilute the bitterness of the coffee, but also bring a richer taste to the coffee because of its soft touch. The practice is simple: squeeze cream into the espresso. Please add as much cream as you like according to your taste preference. Many friends may still think of Afujiaduo, but Afujiaduo belongs to a coffee dessert, which goes beyond the category of drinking, so it will not be summarized here.