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Mstand Coffee Order Mini programs were smashed for a game console!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Today is the last day of May, which means that the happy Children's Day is not far away. This festival belonging to children is usually an interactive day for brands such as KFC and McDonald's that are related to children's preferences. But he is keen to launch various surrounding M

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Today is the last day of May, which shows that the happy June 1st International Children's Day is not far away.

This holiday for children is usually an interactive day for brands such as KFC and McDonald's, which are related to children's preferences. But keen to launch a variety of surrounding Mstand, taking into account the needs of older children, for adults full of childlike innocence to prepare a straight to the hearts of the Children's Day gift-game console.

According to the official publicity message, this activity is to buy a limited package, that is, to send a retro game handset. Seeing this ancient style of game console, the older children called back to the past, and the happy time of playing games with a bully learning machine in their childhood was instantly awakened. In order to get the game console as soon as possible, users clicked on Mini Program to buy it one after another after the event was launched. Unexpectedly, this enthusiasm made Mini Program collapse!

"Mstand a game console crashed Mini Program" and "who bought it when the Mstand system crashed"? people who didn't get the console looked at the crashed page scratching their hearts, while experienced people have successfully bought this June 1 gift through pre-orders, fishing and playing games while drinking coffee while going to work.

It is understood that this game console contains a total of ten classic games, such as Contra, Tetris, Super Tank, etc., the interface is a color screen in childhood memories, familiar background music sounded, nostalgia instantly filled.

However, netizens who got a few games found that these games are not authentic games authorized by the players. "they are all diy, Contra is not Contra, Tetris is not Tetris." In addition, the game screen is small, colorful and miscellaneous, so that some players can't stand it when they try for 5 minutes.

In recent years, during International Children's Day's time, merchants bundled handheld game consoles with limited products to attract the attention of game-loving children and allow parents to buy to meet their children's holiday needs.

Unexpectedly, some of the people who actually buy game console packages are childless adults who only want to spend for their childhood. Either to make up for the regrets of the past, or to recollect the joy of the past, they can't help being attracted by the game consoles they wanted to play but could not buy before, and bought the package regardless of the cost to remember the past for a handheld game console.

Businesses also pay attention to the innocence of older children, seize the opportunity to play nostalgic cards such as handheld game consoles and childhood animation co-names, and hold on to a group of consumers who miss the past, so that they can't help wanting gifts as soon as they see related activities.

However, the feelings of nostalgia can only make people spend on impulse, and when consumers come back to their senses, they will realize that the game consoles are retro and the game interface is made like what they remember. These electronic toys can't really bring people back to those bygone happy times.

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