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A complete collection of Qianjie Coffee knowledge! A total collection of coffee science popularization, teaching, forums, and knowledge sharing!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Over the years, the Qianjie public account has maintained the rhythm of publishing daily updates, and has written a large number of popular science articles on sharing coffee knowledge. The content is everything from seeds to cups, and the topics covered are also big and small. Some questions that you think of and don't think of have been explained and answered by Qianjie. This place specializes in needles

Over the years, the Qianjie public account has maintained the rhythm of publishing daily updates, and has written a large number of popular science articles on sharing coffee knowledge. The content is everything from seeds to cups, and the topics covered are also big and small. Some questions that you think of and don't think of have been explained and answered by Qianjie.

This is specifically for friends who have a clear search target or are in urgent need of a solution, and it is also convenient for you to sort out and read coffee knowledge at different stages. Qianjie is classified and summarized according to several modules, such as entry-level reading for newcomers, how to taste coffee, how to make coffee, and rookies advanced level, as well as Qianjie coffee's views on some industry problems.

I wish you all a pleasant reading.

"A must-read for newcomers"

Basic knowledge

For every newcomer with zero foundation, it is very easy and there are many ways to learn coffee, but if you want to understand the truth easily, you can't do without a practical and easy-to-understand guide.

First, to achieve barrier-free communication with baristas, the first step is, of course, to know the technical terms first. Xiaobai learns the professional terms that coffee must know! Second, where do coffee beans come from?

1. Coffee knowledge | what are the three major varieties of coffee?

2. What does "100% Arabica coffee beans" mean?

3. The spread History of Arabica Coffee-- how the Iron pickup spread all over the World

4. History of spread of Arabica Coffee (2)-- History of bourbon spread 5. History of spread of Arabica Coffee (3)-- Bourbon Coffee Family History 3. From seed to cup, what steps does coffee go through before it is drunk? 1. An article will take you to know the composition of coffee fruits and beans! two。 An article makes you understand the difference between coffee bean sun treatment, water washing treatment and honey treatment! 3. How to tell the roasting degree of coffee beans? 4. What is the role of Maillard and caramelization when roasting coffee beans? 5. What determines the sour and bitter taste of coffee? 6. How on earth did you get the coffee in your cup?

Understand the menu and start with the Italian category

As the forerunner of the second and third waves of coffee, espresso plays an important role in the history of the whole industry. it is not only the standard menu in most traditional cafes, but also the enlightenment category that makes millions of people fall in love with coffee.

1. An article takes you to know the whole Italian family 2. Nani? So that's how these coffee names come from! 3. How should I drink espresso?

4. Huh? Do you drink all this coffee in three mouthfuls?

There is a large inventory of unpopular espresso. How many can you name?

1. Ice cream condensed!? What kind of fairy coffee dessert is this? two。 Can you still drink espresso like that? 3. "what? macchiato doesn't have caramel?" 4. Why are there fewer and fewer people drinking mocha? 5. Why is Piccolo so unpopular in China? 6.Cortado Cotadot, cut the milk into the Italian concentrate 7. What is the Gibraltar coffee in the blue bottle? 8. Hidden menu in Melbourne Cafe: Magic9. What is "red-eye coffee"? 10. Aobai was shocked to see it! There's a coffee called Flat Red?

SOE, a popular coffee entry necessary for surfing.

1. How to choose single product, matching and SOE? Why is 2.SOE coffee more expensive? 3.soe, it's really not as simple as you think! 4. Why is SOE so popular now? Does SOE coffee taste better? Blue Mountain Coffee

1. "can only Japan buy real Blue Mountain Coffee?"

two。 What's so good about Blue Mountain Coffee? 3. What's on the barrel of Blue Mountain Coffee beans? Robusta 1. Why is Robusta unpopular in the boutique coffee circle? two。 What will the hand beans taste like? 3. Take you to know more about Robusta boutique coffee, coffee competition, SCA, COE, cup test 1. The first person to know boutique coffee-Erna Knudsen 2. What are the world-class coffee competitions? What are they comparing to? 3.COE Competition and Coffee Cup scoring Standard 4. Why do you need a cup test? Can't you make coffee by hand instead of a cup test? 5. Is the cup test difficult? I'll take you to understand the detailed process of SCA coffee cup test. Why do you think of Rose Summer whenever you mention Panamanian coffee? two。 An article takes you to re-recognize all kinds of "bids" ~ not all red bids are competitive lots! 3. Panamanian Flower Butterfly: does Rose Summer blending also belong to individual beans? 4. It is also a rosy summer, why does it taste different? 5. What is the difference between the emerald red sign and the rose summer village red sign? Huakui 1. An article gives you a correct understanding of the difference between Huakui coffee beans and Rosa coffee beans 2. Why Sakui 7.0 coffee beans, can not drink the taste of Hua Kui? Decaf, freeze-dried coffee, instant coffee 1. What is decaf? How do you handle decaf? two。 Is decaf and decaf the same thing? 3. What's the difference between decaf, decaf and regular coffee? 4. Why is freeze-dried coffee so hot? What's the difference between instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee? Manning 1. What? Manning's breed is not Manning?

two。 What is an old Manning? What's so special about old Manning? 3. Does Golden Manning have any good cooking methods to recommend?

4. Where's Manning's herbal smell? 5. There are so many choices for Manning coffee?

Yemeni coffee

How is the wild flavor of Yemeni coffee formed?

Java Coffee attention! Java is not the same as Java coffee! Kona Coffee Coffee Queen-Kona, Hawaii (Kona) Kopi Luwak "Kopi Luwak", is it really cat shit? The ever-changing "Yunnan Little Grain" of small Coffee where does Katim's "devil's tail rhyme" come from in the past life and this life?

Take you into the exotic coffee culture 1. Do you know how the Ethiopian drink coffee? two。 A great shock! The plate of the coffee cup can be used to drink coffee!? 3. Coffee with divination, don't you want to try it? 4. An article will take you to know about Nanyang coffee ~

"how do you taste coffee? "

Driven by the third wave of coffee, handchong has become a star product in cafes. The purest way to feel the delicacy of a good bean itself is to order a pot of handbrew. You can feel how it goes through grinding, water injection, filtration, from hot to cool, and then carefully distinguish the taste bud experience brought about by temperature changes. The meaning of the existence of handcups is to enable us to feel the charm of individual coffee.

1. How to taste coffee correctly!

2. "Boss, how should I taste this coffee?"

3. How did the flavor of the coffee come out?

4. How to quickly improve the flavor perception of coffee?

5. Understanding the taste wheel is the first step into the door of the senses.

6. That's how the barista described the coffee he drank!

7. Apart from "delicious", how else can you describe a cup of coffee?

One of the fastest ways to improve coffee taste is to drink more! Temperature

1. Does temperature affect the flavor of coffee? Why should coffee be tasted from high, medium and low temperatures?

two。 Does coffee also have the best drinking temperature?

3. Why doesn't the coffee taste so good when it's cold?

4. Why do you drink hot hand-made coffee?

5. The coffee is cold and tastes bad. Can you reheat it?

6. Why does the coffee appear astringent and miscellaneous taste when it is cooled?


1. Why is there always citrus in the flavor description of sour coffee? two。 Why is most of the coffee sour nowadays? 3. What kinds of acids are there in coffee?

4. Kenyan coffee is so sour, why do so many people like it?


1. Why is the water sweet after drinking coffee? two。 Do you think sweetness is the same thing as what baristas talk about? 3. Why is it "sweet" for others to drink coffee while bitter for you? 4. Why do some coffees taste sweet?


1. Sour coffee drinks flavor, what does bitter coffee drink? two。 What else is there besides nut chocolate for the bitter flavor of coffee? 3. Deep-baked coffee beans are obviously so bitter, why does anyone still like them?

Coffee aroma

1. What is the flavor of white flowers?

two。 Why doesn't the coffee taste as good as it smells?

3. Where does the fruity taste come from in coffee?

4. It turns out that different forms of cups really taste different when drinking coffee!

5. Can the flavor of coffee be preserved in a thermos cup?


1. What is Body? How to flush out the coffee Body?

two。 Do you really understand what coffee is?

3. Is coffee sweet and sweet the same thing?

4. How do you drink the aftertaste of coffee?

5. What is the balance of coffee (Balance)?

6. What does the level of coffee refer to?

7. How to improve the cleanliness of coffee? 8. Why does some coffee become more and more like a cup of tea? 9. Teach you to tell whether the coffee is insolated or washed!

10. How do you know if the coffee is over-extracted or underextracted?

11. What are the negative flavors in coffee?

twelve。 Can adding salt make the coffee better?

"how to make coffee? "

People who like coffee will not only be satisfied with drinking coffee in the end, but hope to tamper with the fun of making it themselves, so they begin to look for all kinds of equipment and utensils, thinking that the freedom of coffee is just around the corner.

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! 1. How much does it cost to have a family coffee corner? Hand or electric mill? How to choose the bean grinder? 3. How much does it cost to achieve freedom by hand at home?

4. Coffee Xiaobai Collection | what utensils do you need to prepare for the introduction to hand-made coffee? How to choose a coffee grinder? 5. What should be paid attention to when choosing a hand-brewed coffee maker? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of hand pots 6. How do beginners choose coffee filter cups? Is there really any difference in the taste of coffee made from different filter cups?

How to make a concentrated Italian piece? 1. In Italian style, how much coffee does one shot, single or double respectively refer to? two。 How fine is the grind of espresso? Can it be ground into powder and preserved? 3. Why not recommend Italian coffee beans instead of grinding powder? 4. What are the steps of receiving powder, cloth powder and pressing powder in making espresso? 5. How much effort does it take to fill the coffee pressed powder? 6. Why is it necessary to put in the water before extraction and concentration? 7. Why is the first concentration of power-on extraction poured out? 8. With new coffee beans, how to quickly adjust the extraction scheme of espresso 9. How long is the appropriate time for espresso extraction? 10. How to judge whether the extraction of espresso is normal? 11. Can hand-made beans be used for Italian condensation?

Grease problem

1. "Why is your espresso so rich in oil?"

two。 The oil of espresso is so bitter, why does anyone still like it? 3. Will it be better to have tiger spots in espresso? 4. You can tell if espresso tastes good by looking at the oil. 5. What information will Italian concentrated oil tell us? Condensed and extracted notes

1. Those in espresso often forget small details!! 2. Concentrated, acerbic, bitter? Teach you how to correct concentrated flavor! 3. If you want the coffee to be strong, why not extract it for a while? 4. How does the water temperature affect the extraction of espresso? how appropriate is the water temperature for making espresso? 5. Does handle temperature have any effect on Italian concentrated extraction? 6. Does the coffee handle usually need to be fastened to the brewing head? 7. Bottomless or diversion? How to choose the handle of the coffee machine?

8. What happens if filter paper is used to extract espresso?

What should we do in such a situation? 1. Answer the questions most commonly encountered when extracting espresso ~ 2. There is often a "channel effect" in extracted espresso. Is there any way to save it? 3. The coffee liquid gushed out at first and then slowed down. why? 4. How to solve the problem of stagnant water in the powder bowl of the coffee machine? 5. Take off the handle and find that pressed powder is glued to the brewing head, which will affect the flavor of espresso? 6. Is it normal that there are deposits in espresso? 7. Ignoring this detail will make the concentration faster and faster! 8. Watch out! These actions easily make the coffee machine "explode" the handle!

American coffee 1. Picture and text teaching: iced American coffee, it's as simple as that!

two。 How much ice and water is suitable for iced American coffee? Is it fastidious?

3. Which temperature is the best to drink the hot American style? 4. What's the difference between quicksand iced American coffee and regular iced American coffee? 5. Why does your American coffee always mean something? 6. Why is American coffee bitter? 7. The difference between American style and Long Black depends on who pours the water first. 8. What?! American coffee can also pull flowers? 9. What's going on? The American style without grease tastes better? 10. Can you tell Lungo, Long Black and American style?

11. My god! Delicious bubble American style should do this!?

twelve。 Why is there such a big difference between hot American and iced American coffee?

Cafe Latte

1. Picture and text teaching: iced latte, it's still so simple!

two。 Why is the homemade latte not as good as the one in the store? 3. Why can't ice lattes pull flowers? 4. What? Does the latte taste good because it reduces the amount of coffee extract?

5. How much milk should be added to different Italian milk coffee?

6. The trick of making homemade ice lattes taste better

7. Will the milk temperature affect the taste of the latte?

8. It's so cold, why don't you hot the latte a little?

9. What's the difference between the same milk coffee, Australian white and latte?

10. Why is latte so popular?

11. The surface of latte quickly collapses, decomposes and dissipates. What's the problem? twelve。 What skills do you need to make a good cup of latte?

13. What kind of coffee beans are suitable for lattes?

Cappuccino 1. Why don't coffee shops sell cappuccinos with ice? two。 Cappuccino coffee, it's changed! 3. What on earth is an authentic cappuccino? Australia White (Flat White)

1. Does Australian white coffee want to pull flowers or not?

2. "I finally know the difference between latte and Australian white coffee!"

3. Why is there no ice Australia white in the coffee shop?

What is the ratio of coffee to milk in 4.Flat White Australia White? 5.Flat white, the coffee that quarreled between New Zealand and Australia 6. Ristretto Flat White-what is the right way to extract Ristretto as the substrate of Ristol? Dirty (dirty coffee) 1. Why is Dirty coffee so popular? two。 Little tips~, who makes Dirty coffee taste better, stop making Dirty as an ice latte. 3.Dirty and ice latte are the same thing? Do I have to use an ice blog for 4.Dirty coffee? Do I have to use an ice cup for 5.Dirty coffee? 6. Why isn't the Dirty hot? Will it taste good when it's hot? 7. Why is the Dirty made by you not layered?

Mocha Coffee

1. How to make a cup of mocha coffee full of fragrant cocoa flavor? two。 A warm fu fu~ hot mocha, it's as simple as that! 3. Why are there fewer and fewer people drinking mocha? Piccolo 1. What is Piccolo latte? How to make a piccolo latte? two。 Why is Piccolo so unpopular in China? 3. Piccolo is so small, why is it so expensive? 4. Is Piccolo a small latte? But Tadot

1.Cortado, an Italian coffee that is even less popular than Piccolo.

two。 What is the Gibraltar coffee in the blue bottle? Various "tricky" fancy coffee

1. How to carve a Spanish latte at home?

two。 Roman espresso tastes better!

3. Boss! Have a cup of hand-made coffee with some milk!

4. How to do the shocking "raw egg coffee"?

5. Viennese coffee that can be reproduced at home!

6. Wine + coffee? How do you make an Irish version of "sauce-flavored latte"?

7. What is the origin of bulletproof coffee that once swept Hollywood?

8. Coffee + condensed milk, and this way of drinking?

9. How to do ice shock concentration? Shake it hard!

10. What should I do with foam coffee that needs to be beaten "400 times" by hand?

11. Unlock the various immortal drinking methods of "sweet-scented osmanthus + coffee"!

twelve。 When coffee meets jasmine, it smells good!

13. So that you can easily make your own ice bok at home!

14. Have you ever had a latte made of "transparent" milk?

15. Can milk, which is "washed" into transparent, be used to make hot lattes?

The 16.0 difficulty Camelot latte is delicious! 17. The recently popular "buttered brushed coffee" tastes good? 18. Ice brick coffee ~ the ultimate version of lazy coffee

19. The caramel macchiato roasted by the fire is so delicious!

Basic knowledge and skills of Qianjie Coffee Little Class 1. A guide for beginners to learn coffee flower drawing from scratch. It turns out that the coffee shop is such a low-cost practice flower! 3. What is the reason for the appearance of "zigzag lines"?

4. Flower drawing teaching | how to correctly practice pendulum cylinder embossing 5. If you want to make delicate foam, just pay attention to these key points! 6. Three movements, save your pull flower can not come out of figure 7. How to make Lahua invincible!

8. Why is it that the pattern you play is always one step away from looking good?

9. How thick is the milk foam of coffee lace? How to pull out a good-looking embossed line?

10. What do you do with the milk foam of the latte? Secretly tell you some tips about milking.

11. The pattern of drawing flowers doesn't look good no matter how you do it. Maybe you hold the vase in the wrong position?!

12. "Why does my flower look so dirty?"

13. Come to get, a little trick to improve flower drawing.

14. Why do most coffee shops use this milk to make milk coffee?

15. What is the difference between the milk bubbles of all kinds of milk coffee? What should you pay attention to when handing out the milk?

16. Hit the milk foam overturned, is there a way to save it?

Crash course in basic drawing pattern

1. Flower drawing Guide for beginners ~ basic pattern "Heart" 2. Flower drawing guide for beginners ~ "leaves" simple quick method 3. It's super simple, it's easy to see the coffee Christmas flowers! 4. Flower drawing Guide for beginners ~ from leaves to Swan 5. Flower drawing Guide for beginners ~ "Big Heart" deformation "Thousand Heart" 6. Double holding swan pull flower pattern teaching

7. The artifact of pulling flowers! The coffee carving needle was originally intended to be used like this!?

Hand-made coffee class

Run your hand into the door. Just entered the pit to make coffee, what kind of beans should be chosen? two。 It's also black coffee. What's the difference between American style and handmade coffee? 3. An entry-level hand-made coffee tutorial that beginners can easily understand 4. How to make a plan for brewing unfamiliar coffee beans for the first time! 5. Hand flush, what parameters, temperature and manipulation should I use? 6. Daba! This hole is not used to squeeze air and smell incense! 7. Why is the coffee made at home not as good as in the shop?

8. Can mixed beans be used to make coffee?

Grinding degree

1. Teach you to self-test the correct grinding degree of coffee powder

two。 Commonly used coffee grinding thickness refer to the picture! Guide for the use of coffee grindability calibration sieve

3. Why does a hand grinder have more fine powder than an electric grinder?

4. The same grinding scale, but grinding out of different thickness?

5. "how fine are you talking about the size of hand-ground sugar?"

6. "is there a way to accurately judge the fineness of coffee grinding?" The water temperature is 1. What is the appropriate temperature for hand-brewed coffee? Why do some people use 90 ℃ and some people use 93 ℃ for the same coffee bean? two。 Seeking flavor in danger, making coffee without knowing the water temperature is itself a big gamble. Who says 100 °C boiled water can't make coffee?

4.92 ℃ of water is still 92 ℃?

5. Recently, please increase the water temperature of the coffee by 2 °C

Powder quantity and powder-water ratio

1. What is the effect of the difference of 1 gram of powder on the flavor of coffee?

two。 How to find the best ratio of powder to water for hand-brewed coffee

3. How to brew a large amount of powdered hand-made coffee for multiple people?

4. What's the difference between powder-to-water ratio and powder-to-liquid ratio?

5. Why is the 1:15 powder-to-water ratio recommended for hand flushing?

6. What do you need to pay attention to when making large amounts of coffee?

7. Less than 15 grams of coffee powder, how to make it taste better?

8. Strange move! Count 15g coffee beans without weighing!

Cooking time

1. Why is the extraction time of coffee so important? two。 How long does it take to make a cup of coffee? Why is brewing time important for coffee? 3. How to control the brewing time of hand-made coffee? 4. What are the factors that affect the extraction time of hand-made coffee? Steaming 1. How much water should be injected into steaming coffee?

two。 Why does it take 30 seconds for everyone to steam?

3. Hand steaming did not form a "hamburger", how to do?

4. Steaming, in fact, it is not that complicated!

5. Steaming "hamburger" sinking, what is this?

6. The coffee is no longer swollen. Can you still drink it?

7. Is it normal for a lot of coffee liquid to flow out when steaming? 8. How to inject water in steaming is reliable? How to judge whether the steaming state of coffee powder layer is correct? Water injection technique 1. Do you know why you circle when you pour water into your hand coffee? two。 What is the height of the hand-brewed coffee?

3. Do you want to make coffee by hand or by volcanic meteorite? 4. Hand in hand to teach you three-stage water injection techniques! 5. Why do you use three-stage water injection to make coffee in the front street? 6. Do you want to wait for the water to dry before injecting water in stages? 7. Make coffee, big current & small flow, how to choose? 8. The water flow is unstable? How to practice the basic skills of water injection? 9. How much does the speed of the circle affect the coffee when making coffee? 10. Is the central water injection method really useless?

11. Besides the three-stage style, what other cooking techniques do you know?

twelve。 The one-throw cooking invented by the world champion is so simple.

Ice hand flushing Guide 1. Teach you the "universal formula" of an ice hand 2. What the ice washers must know is... 3. How much ice is appropriate for hand-made iced coffee? Does adding ice first and then have an effect on the taste? 4. Is it better to "add ice first" than "ice later"? 5. Have you ever tried to make coffee by hand cooling through the ice? 6. How to improve the sweetness of coffee? 7. Deep baked beans do ice hand flush how can it taste good?

8. What are the tastes of ice hand coffee?

The use of filter paper

1. How to choose coffee filter paper? Log or bleached? Does the filter paper have to be wet first? two。 Does hand-brewed coffee need to wet the filter paper in advance? 3. Does the filter paper not fit with the filter cup? In fact, folding filter paper is skillful!

4. Do you want hot water or room temperature water for wet filter paper?

5. Come on, help you solve the trouble of using filter paper.

What kind of water is better for brewing coffee? Filter cup evaluation 1. What makes the V60 stand out among the many filter cups? two。 Why is it more appropriate to use this filter cup for deep-boiled baked beans? 3. Why is the Smart Cup a must-have coffee artifact for lazy people?

4. Cake filter cup use guide! 5. Can flat-bottomed filter cups make coffee extraction more uniform? What kind of coffee beans is suitable for 6.Origami origami filter cup? 7. Freely switch and change the speed? This filter cup is kind of fun! 8. Why are trapezoidal filter cups becoming more and more rare? 9. The uniqueness of the ice pupil filter cup 10. Ice pupil B75, a filter cup that can "squeeze" sweetness. Have you ever used a Hoop filter cup as big as a bathtub? twelve。 Is the filter cup made of only one steel wire easy to use? 13. Removable Hario new concept filter cup "water lily V60"! 14. V30 filter cup for one person, is it easy to use? 15. How to flush the infinite filter cup of Cross Star, which is jokingly called "Smart Cup"? 16. Ship type filter cup? Is there a new filter cup in Hario's house? 17. What happens if you use a metal strainer to make coffee? 18. Classic Kalita filter cup guide

Make and cook small toys. Will this little toy really make the coffee taste better? two。 The real "stuffy steaming"-how to cook in pine house style?

3. I heard that this cool techs can increase the aroma of coffee by 40%?

4. Is it necessary to buy needle cloth dispensers?

5. What is the use of these coffee auxiliary toys?

6. Why are there so few people using flannel to make coffee?

Play with a mocha pot.

1. Is the espresso brewed from the mocha pot?

two。 Why isn't the coffee made from the mocha pot called mocha coffee?

3. I will at a glance! Guide to the use of nanny-level mocha pots!

4. Why did the new mocha pot be dumped the first three times?

5. Mocha pot can also extract rich long-lasting coffee oil!

6. Mocha pot coffee can also pull flowers? What's the difference with espresso?

7. Do you have the best beans for the mocha pot?

8. "can I make a mocha pot of coffee with lightly roasted coffee beans?"

9. How to solve the rollover problem of mocha pot brewing coffee?

10. Boss! How did my mocha pot make a "double ponytail"?

Cold extraction and Ice drop

1. What's the difference between ice droplets and cold extraction? Which tastes better?

two。 What kind of coffee beans should be used for cold extraction?

3. How thick does it take to grind cold coffee beans? How long will it take?

4. These details can make your cold extract sweeter.

5. Fine grinding actually makes cold-extracted coffee lighter?!

6. Using different water to do cold extraction, the difference is so big!

7. It is said that cold coffee as sweet as sugar can be made quickly with warm water.

8. "Why is there a layer of oil floating on the cold extract coffee?"

9. How many days can I keep the cold extract?

10. Can I have cold coffee with milk?

11. Why does ice drop coffee smell like alcohol?

twelve。 Have you ever tried a simple, rough iced coffee?

13. Why can't you drink the freshly made iced coffee right away?

14. Can you make iced coffee without a curling kettle? 15. Fine grinding actually makes cold-extracted coffee lighter?!

16. The coffee extracted with iced milk is so fragrant!

Hang-ear Coffee 1. Putting aside the gaudy, hanging-ear coffee should be simple! two。 Coffee brewing guide | how many times can I brew coffee with hanging ears? 3. What's the difference between hanging-ear coffee and instant coffee? The wrong way to use hanging-ear coffee! 3. Is the ear too light? Can't smell it? You might as well try this! 4. Can you guess the amount of water injected into the caffeine? 5. Delicious hanging-ear coffee still needs some exquisite brewing 6. The coffee is blocked, what should I do? 7. How long does it take to finish your coffee? What are the reasons that affect the taste period of hanging-ear coffee? 8. You can also make delicious iced coffee by hanging ears at home!

Minority brewing utensils press kettle 1. Did you really use the pressure pot to make coffee? two。 French pressure pot-- a coffee utensil that looks like a fool! You think the French kettle can only be used to make coffee?

3. Can French presses also make iced coffee?

Siphon kettle

1. Dressed in mysterious siphon coffee

two。 When making siphon coffee, does the appearance of a "hill" at the end mean it tastes good?

3. What's the difference between siphon pot coffee and hand brewing?

4. Why are there fewer and fewer coffee shops making siphon coffee?

Philharmonic presses 1. A retired old man went so far as to be dissatisfied with the way he made coffee. two。 A coffee utensil that is officially encouraged to "mess around"-"Philharmonic pressure"! 3. How to use Philharmonic pressing to make iced coffee? 4. How to use Philharmonic pressure to make coffee? The coffee maker is not plugged in! A hand-pressed coffee machine can also extract concentrate?! How is the Didi pot used in Vietnam? Can it be used to brew coffee by hand? Automatic hand-brewing coffee machine automatic hand-brewing coffee is better than human coffee?

Daily use, cleaning and maintenance of equipment 1. The bean grinder is dirty. Can I wash it with water? two。 Details that many people ignore when grinding coffee! 3. If you don't clean and maintain regularly, the best bean grinder will be scrapped. How to maintain the household coffee machine? These details should be paid attention to. The coffee machine is not only important for external cleaning, but also for internal cleaning. 6. When grinding coffee, why start the bean grinder first and then put down the beans?

"Xiaobai advanced"

Although as the old saying goes, the master leads the door and practice depends on the individual, Qianjie has always been treated like a babysitter for every partner who wants to improve his coffee knowledge and brewing skills. If you not only want to break away from the title of "rookie", but also have the heart to work towards a professional barista, please read these articles carefully.

Details determine success or failure, like a barista? Come on! Condense this cup and dry it. These three situations will make the quality and taste of espresso worse! two。 How to understand the three extraction stages of espresso 3. Why is the pressure of extracting espresso 9bar? 4. It's too hard for baristas to condense on rainy days! 5. How to extract medium and shallow roasted SOE espresso? 6. Do you want "steamed" espresso? What do you mean by pre-soaking? To make coffee by hand is just to pour water.

1. Have you noticed all these details of hand-made coffee?

two。 Self-taught the misunderstanding of hand-made coffee, how many did you step on?

3. Why is my coffee so sour? Maybe you didn't pay attention to these details!

4. Do you want to wake up with coffee? Why do you shake the coffee after brewing it?

5. Why do you have to "mix it with water" when you make coffee?

6. How to understand the three extraction stages of hand-brewed coffee

7. Do you want to stop the end of the hand-brewed coffee or not?

8. What is the operation of grinding to spray water on coffee beans?

9. What on earth is the stirring method of "violence aesthetics" in the hand-punching world? 10. The method of brewing coffee by hand-- Analysis of the train of thought of "four or six methods" 11. Surpass four or six! The new invention of the world champion-devil cooking method! twelve。 After the analysis of Japanese-style Kono dot drop method, your cooking technique will be improved with each passing day. How can we brew the coffee with rich layers?

two。 If you often make too much coffee, maybe you can try it this way!

3. If you want to get a cup of high sweet coffee, try making it like this!

4. Want the coffee to taste good? Then learn to extract "sweetness."

5. I heard that there is a formula to make coffee sweeter?

6. How to flush out the juicy feeling of coffee?

7. Is there a smell of flowers in the coffee? Why can't I rush out?

8. Rose summer is so expensive, how can it taste good?

9. Teach you a way to judge in advance whether there will be stagnant water in hand coffee 10. How to judge the timing of each water injection by stage water injection? 11. Making coffee always clogs the water, what should I do? twelve。 The method of brewing coffee by hand-- "high concentration and low extraction" idea sharing 13. Do you really know your hand parameters? 14. Is there any way to flush out the mellow taste of coffee? 15. Will it turn over even if you use By pass to make coffee by hand?

16. On the science of water injection

Coffee bean producing area, variety, treatment, grading and baking small class coffee bean producing area and variety 1. Entry to proficiency, how to choose your favorite coffee producing area 2. How did those coffee beans get their names? 3. What kind of Heirloom is it? 4. What is the difference among coffee farms, processing plants and cooperatives? 5. What does the Ethiopian coffee bean variety 74xxx mean?

6. How many colors are bourbon varieties divided into, and is there any difference in taste?

7. Teach you to identify the variety of beans you can buy at a glance.

8. Why is Rose Summer so expensive? The price of rose summer coffee beans is explained in detail!

9. The "new favorite" of the World Coffee Competition: what is the claw variety?

Treatment method

1. What is honey treatment? What is the difference between honey treatments of different colors?

two。 Washing & tanning, the focus is not on the difference in coffee flavor, but on …...

3. Is the Indonesian wet planing method half-washed?

4. Can I drive coffee beans after drinking buckets? Is there any alcohol in the alcoholic coffee beans?

5. What is the difference between double washing, K72, dry fermentation washing and ordinary washing?

6. What is super tanning treatment? Is it because the sun is getting a little harder?

7. What is the cocoa sun treatment?

8. What is half-sun treatment? What's the difference between half-sun and half-washing?

9. What is Simon's special treatment? It looks like defective beans, but it actually tastes good! 10. What are the differences among anaerobic, enzyme and carbon dioxide impregnation? Raw bean grading

Is there a big difference between 1.G1 and G2 Yega Xuefei?

two。 What are Supremo and Excelso levels? Introduction to the grading Standard of Coffee Raw Bean in Colombia

3. Common coffee grade popular science! Grade identification is not limited to G1G2.

4. What are AA and AB in Kenya? The difference between AA TOP and AA?

5. What does the message on the sack of raw coffee beans mean? Bake 1. What is the roasting degree of coffee beans based on? 2. What kind of coffee roasting technique is "Nordic roasting"? 3. Is the uneven color of coffee beans a baking problem? It's too superficial to think like this. "excuse me, is this a defective bean?" 4. What should be the graph of coffee roasting? 5. Baking lesson 1: first of all, understand your own ingredients 6. Baking lesson 2: understand the principle of coffee roasting and coffee roasting nouns 7. Roasting lesson 3: exploring the effect of development on coffee flavor 8. Baking lesson 4: an important stage that is often overlooked in baking-relay period 9. Baking lesson 5: how to set the Bean temperature and initial firepower

10. Baking lesson 6: the things that beginners are most likely to break in baking

"the gossip of coffee on the front street."

Tidbits of Qianjie Coffee Manor

1. In the fog, why Qianjie coffee chose the most difficult road 2. Mines, stray bullets, barbed wire and our coffee 3. How is the flavor of Yunnan coffee now? 4. Qianjie Coffee Manor: learn more about Yunnan Xiaojie

The taste you like is the best coffee.

1. Drink a single drink, mix it together or SOE?2. Does special coffee count as coffee? 3. A cup of coffee is good. What does it mean? 4. Hand coffee can be very simple, can also be very complex 5.soe, it is really not as simple as you think! 6. Is coffee flavor a hoax? No, it's the art of language! 7. Will you be beaten if you drink coffee with milk?

8. An article that can avoid detours when you are getting started with coffee.

9. The localization and simplification of coffee flavor wheel is the trend! Qianjie teaches you to understand the coffee flavor wheel!

10. "Why can't I get the flavor described by the barista?" Secret: drink more from others! Share your own flushing more!