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McDonald's, KFC, Overlord Tea Girl... drink sellers are all here to ride the popularity of the college entrance examination!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| If the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop lists the people's livelihood events that attract the attention of people across the country every year, the national college entrance examination held today will definitely be on the list and may even be among the top! Starting from this Monday, the college entrance examination has become the focus of all walks of life, and the popularity of attention has been rising.

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If the livelihood events that attract the attention of the people all over the country are listed on the list, the national college entrance examination held today will certainly be on the list and may also be at the top of the list! Since Monday, the college entrance examination has become the focus of all sectors of society, the popularity of attention has been rising, and now it has reached the top of the hot search.

Netizens all over the country bless the students who are about to enter the examination room in their own way, and offer all kinds of good wishes to all the major platforms. At the same time, brands have sent their blessings to the students, and many catering brands have launched products with various college entrance examination themes.

McDonald's, one of the students'"affordable study rooms", has launched an one-week "full-mark limited medium meal" since June 3, with double-layer pork, meat, eggs and wheat available throughout the week during the breakfast period. In addition, the store also offers a limited number of free wheat marks to college entrance examinees every day, each of which is packed in wrapping paper with words such as "full marks" printed, which is sincere.

KFC next door to McDonald's followed, offering a "sandalwood good luck is definitely better than the set meal". At the beginning of the year, the sandalwood oatmeal latte and blessing packing cup jointly launched with Wutaishan were put online again, plus "Dingsheng cake", a pastry with excellent meaning, using the power of metaphysics to bless good luck buff for many students.

Each brand in the tea circle also has its own flower work. The overlord Tea Ji store, which wants to be a Starbucks in the milk tea world, launched two packages of "good luck" and "high school", sending blessings through homophonic stalks. In addition, Guangxi stores directly invite candidates to drink milk tea, and college entrance examinees can get limited "college entrance examination" vouchers with their admission cards after arriving at the stores.

Brands of milk tea, such as burning immortal grass, Gu Ming and Yihe Hall, have successively put on the packaging materials for the theme of the new college entrance examination, and the packaging materials printed with the words "Golden list title", "must pass", "go ashore" and "everything goes smoothly" will be used during the college entrance examination season, so that every examinee who drinks milk tea can get this blessing.

In addition to chain brands, many independent coffee shops across the country also offer special activities or limited drinks for college entrance examination students during the college entrance examination, and some coffee shops not far from the examination sites take the initiative to deliver hot water and seats to candidates and parents.

For all the children who are about to enter the next stage, the significance of the college entrance examination is self-evident. Therefore, from January to early June every year, the whole country attaches great importance to this exam, and most people will give some convenience to candidates during this period, so that they can feel the kindness and warmth of others in this important battle of life.

Brands also participate in this important moment, such as McDonald's, KFC and other students are familiar with the brand to take advantage of the opportunity to brush a wave of brand popularity in front of the public, so during this period of time, activities for college entrance examinees will also emerge one after another.

So if candidates want to experience the benefits given by the brand, they should not miss the opportunity, or they can only say, as some netizens say, "good news: XX brand has benefits! bad news: overdue candidates do not deserve to have 😭."

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