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KFC Snowtop Coffee is back, the classic flavor is gone?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In the hearts of many Kenmen fans, Snowtop Coffee, which can drink both coffee and ice cream, can be said to be one of the representatives of KFC beverage products. Some people call this drink throughout my childhood, even though there are more coffee products now.

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In the minds of many Ken fans, Snow Top Coffee, which can drink both coffee and ice cream, can be said to be one of the representatives of KFC beverage products. Some people say that this drink runs through their childhood, even though there are more coffee products to choose from, but KFC will still order a cup of coffee, aftertaste the happiness brought by the snow top coffee.

However, since last year, some customers have reported that this classic drink is not available in some stores. The clerks also quietly revealed that the brand might remove the snow top coffee from the shelves, but some stores would still sell them and some stores would take drinks off the shelves directly because of the different stocks in each store.

In May this year, Xueding Coffee became more and more difficult to buy in offline stores, and old fans worried that the previous rumors would come true. In order to retain their childhood flavor, many people spontaneously commented on KFC's social account. I hope this classic drink will always be on the menu.

Recently, "listen to advice" KFC posted that "snow top coffee upgrade" will be launched in stores across the country yesterday, and new and old members can buy drinks at a price of 9.9 within two weeks of the return of drinks. A group of old fans were so happy that they went to the store on the first day of their return and wanted to taste the taste of their memory again.

However, to the surprise of regular customers, the new version of Snow Top Coffee tastes very different from the original! Just got the snow top coffee at a glance, the coffee liquid and milk are obviously layered, if there is no stirring, the first mouthful of milk after straw insertion is only milk with syrup.

But if you stir, it will inevitably bring the ice cream on top into the coffee mixture, making the whole cup of drink greasy. Many people say that this is no longer the taste and appearance of snow-top coffee in their memory.

In addition, KFC has made the "new clothes" torch cup for the return of Snow Top Coffee, but this wide and narrow cup is not popular with customers, saying that the use of the new cup is not as good as the original straight cold drink cup, and the cup capacity has also been reduced due to shape changes. not as real as the old version.

As for the different taste of regular customers' complaints, most people believe that KFC has made a big change in the formula of the drink.

The new version of Snow Top Coffee still retains the familiar ice cream snow top, but the bottom coffee liquid is made of syrup, milk and freshly ground espresso. Officials also stressed that the upgraded Snow Top Coffee is made of real coffee beans and milk, which is more in line with today's popular perception of coffee drinks.

But for loyal users of Snow Top Coffee, the new formula caters more to the preferences of today's coffee consumers. The formula and ingredients are not as hard as they used to be, but the overall taste and taste of the drink is not as good as the old version. " Take advantage of the fun and come back, please give me back the original taste of Snow Top Coffee, "disappointed, it's not the original taste", "Snow Top Coffee lovers for ten years, it's a pity that they can never drink the same snow top again."

In fact, the "childhood taste" missed by regular customers is more about the aroma of instant coffee. Compared with today's espresso with milk, the ingredients may be healthier and closer to the taste of the coffee itself.

But without the unique aroma of instant coffee, the new version of Snow Top Coffee is like a loss of soul for loyal users, and it is no longer the moonlight they remember.

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