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How to make lemon slices? What does the Mafia have to do with coffee? Why is Sicily rich in lemons?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Italy is not only the birthplace of espresso, but also the birthplace of the mafia. And there is such a local coffee-related dessert that has been linked to the Mafia! Because it is easy to make, delicious and refreshing, it once became the most popular dessert among the mafia. It is-lemon slices! Lemon zila and the Mafia

Italy is not only the birthplace of Italian coffee, but also the birthplace of the mafia. In the local area, there is such a coffee-related dessert linked to the mafia! Because it is easy to make, delicious and refreshing, it has once become the favorite dessert of the mafia. It is lemon tie slice!

What does lemon slices have to do with the mafia? Lemon tie tablets, a coffee dessert fire, comes from a variety show in Taiwan Province, "Kangxi is coming." although it is said that it has something to do with the Italian mafia, there are very few related records. However, we can also roughly speculate the truth of the matter through a period of Sicilian history. Before the 19th century, lemons were mainly used as raw materials for decoration and perfume. After all, such a yellow fruit with only sour taste is something that no one wants to feel with taste buds.

Until the outbreak of scurvy made people realize the importance of lemons, not just lemons, but all citrus fruits. Because citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits, including lemons, became the most popular fruit in Europe in the 19th century. Sicily, which used to be rich in wine, wheat and olives, also began to grow lemons! Unsurprisingly, lemon generated a lot of cash for Sicily years later. But the good times did not last long, because the profiteering income brought by lemons attracted all kinds of evil forces (thieves, robbers), so whenever the lemon ripe night, robbers, thieves and other forcible characters will ransack the orchard, so that the efforts of farmers over the years will be destroyed. At that time, Sicily was occupied by the army of mainland Italy, and the emergence of this background led to the birth of the mafia, so gradually, Sicilian farmers began to hire mafia to protect their lemon orchards. And this also opens the connection between lemon and the mafia.

It is not difficult to imagine how lemon slices are associated with the mafia and once became the most popular dessert in the mafia. After all, it makes sense to guard lemons in a long night without a refreshing dessert. Then let's share with Qianjie how this lemon tie slice should be made.

How to make lemon slices? It is really not the title party, the production of lemon slices is really very simple! How simple is it? You can see how it is made just by looking at its cover! Lemon slices, coffee powder, and sugar, just need to combine these things together, we can make delicious lemon slices! Of course, it is more important to do it well than to do it well. So for the selection of materials, there must be certain requirements! About lemons: many friends have a big misunderstanding about lemons, that is, the bitter source of lemons is lemon peel! Actually, no, the main source of lemon bitterness is its seeds, so if we want to save trouble, we can choose seedless lemons when choosing lemons, and if you buy seeded lemons, remember to remove them after slicing!

About beans: we know that the shallower the roasting of a coffee bean, the higher its density, and the lower its brittleness. In short, it can't bite, which is very unfriendly to friends with bad teeth. So when we are going to make lemon slices, we'd better choose deep-baked coffee beans, which are not only brittle and easy to chew! But also because of the existence of bitterness and lemon, sugar and other elements to form a sharp contrast! (even if you want to do the grinding version, it is the same)

On the use of sugar: if there is brown sugar around, Qianjie will be more recommended to use yellow sugar! Because yellow sugar will be sweeter, it can add more layers to this dessert. It doesn't matter if you don't have it. Just like in front of the street, add a lot of white sugar. Then let's take a look at how the front street is made. First of all, we cut the lemon into thin slices of moderate thickness, which should not be too thick, because the lemon peel will have a sense of astringency, and too much astringency will affect the feeling of eating. Can not be too thin, too thin lemon can be easily masked by the taste of coffee and sugar, so moderate!

Then we sprinkle sugar and freshly ground deep-baked coffee powder (it can also be coffee beans, but it's not very convenient to eat), and the size of the coffee powder can be ground by regular heat.

At this time, we can choose to eat directly and feel the original delicacy of the ingredients. Of course, you can also use a little trick to make his delicacy please climb to another high building! For example, take out the musket and spray the sugar on the lemon surface to the golden caramel state! (but you need to add coffee powder before pouring sugar.)

Really! It is highly recommended that we can feel the elasticity of lemon fiber, the crispness of coffee, and the grainy feel of caramel after a sip. We can feel a very diverse level in the taste alone. Then there is the taste, after the bite, burst out a very full lemon juice, but due to the existence of a large amount of sugar, the strong acid of the lemon is neutralized, becoming soft and sweet. Here comes the finishing touch! When we chew coffee powder, the slightly bitter coffee and sweet and sour lemon juice will form a sharp contrast, prominent but not abrupt, people feel very amazing! Try it at home!