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Ethiopia| Introduction to Elto Coffee Beans in Bansa Area of Sidamo Region

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, African coffee has a very high reputation in the global coffee market, and for coffee lovers, Ethiopia is a holy place in their hearts. It is recognized as the birthplace of coffee and has the world's largest coffee gene bank. There are many varieties of coffee. According to estimates, there are nearly 15000 varieties in Ethiopia today

African coffee has a high reputation in the global coffee market. For coffee lovers, Ethiopia is a holy land because it is recognized as the birthplace of coffee and has the world's largest coffee gene bank. There are many coffee varieties. According to estimates, Ethiopia now has nearly 15000 coffee varieties.

Ethiopia has multiple coffee producing areas, including Sidamo, Harrar, Kaffa, Limmu, Lekempti, Tepi, Bebeka and Bale.

Sidamo spans the fertile highland south of Lake Awasa in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. There are a variety of different soils in the production area, micro-climate, and various terrains such as mountains, plateaus, valleys and plains. The geological nutrients are fertile., volcanic soil with good drainage can provide an ideal planting environment for coffee, and also create the obvious characteristics and quality of the coffee produced in this production area. Guji Guji and Yirgachefe originally belonged to the Sidamo region, but became an independent coffee region due to their unique flavor.

Nowadays, with the development of fine coffee, people's requirements for the traceability of coffee beans have increased. Therefore, in recent years, the Ethiopian coffee industry has continued to develop. It is now divided into many sub-producing areas and has many more coffee brands, such as Alo Village, Rumudamo, Hamasho and Eto Elto, which are more famous in recent times, and these brands all come from the Sidamo production area.

In recent years, the Bensa area of Sidamo has gradually come into people's attention. Bensa is located in the Sidamo area of southern Ethiopia, with an altitude of 1,800 - 2,300 meters. The high altitude makes the flavor of coffee complex. Alo Village Alo, Hamasho and Eto Elto, who were just mentioned, all come from this area.

Eto Elto Coffee

Elto Eto Coffee was founded by Eliyas Dukamo and Atiklit Dejene. It is a local exporter that mainly harvests coffee cherries from the Bansa area for processing and exporting. Among them, Eliyas Dukamo has also been engaged in the boutique coffee industry for many years, and Atiklit Dejene has served as the head of processing in Guixia Village. The two are a couple.

"Elto" comes from the Sudanese meaning "beyond passion" and "abundance", and the couple hopes Eto coffee will become the most unforgettable coffee a drinker has ever tasted.

They have been committed to improving the processing quality of Ethiopian fine coffee. By strictly screening coffee cherries planted at an altitude of 2,000 - 2,350 meters, and controlling high-quality processing to promote the development of local fine coffee in Ethiopia.