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Take the young man! Guming's first store in Shanghai opened 5000 cups of milk tea within 2 minutes?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Factory milk tea brand and popular IP co-branding can be said to be a common promotion nowadays. A joint event can have a certain promotion effect on the popularity of both brands. Chain brand Gu Ming and many fans The limit of the game IP "Love and Deep Space"

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The joint name of milk tea brand and popular IP can be said to be a common promotion activity nowadays, and a joint activity can promote the popularity of both brands to a certain extent, such as the limited activities of chain brand Gu Ming and the game IP "Love and Deep Space" with a large number of fans.

Love and Deep Space is a female mobile game, and its predecessor, Love and producer, has been welcomed by female players since its launch, accumulating a certain fan base, so that Love and Deep Space, which was officially tested in January this year, has repeatedly become a new favorite of female players, with a lot of attention and popularity in a short period of time.

Therefore, since Gu Mingguan announced the joint event, game players have paid close attention to the relevant information about the event, and in response to the enthusiasm of fans, the brand Fang specially opened a joint flash store in Shanghai, which is only open for three days, allowing fans to arrive early and wait in spite of the heavy rain in Shanghai today.

(the scene of Gu Ming Shanghai Flash Store at 9:27 on June 21st)

Considering the influence of the joint ip, Gu Ming pop-up restaurant opened three pick-up outlets and gathered more than 50 employees to prepare for a better consumer experience. However, the brand still underestimated the purchasing power of fans, and Mini Program showed that there were more than 5, 000 drinks in production in just 2 minutes after the store started taking orders at 10:00.

The tremendous pressure from thousands of orders forced stores to shut down their ordering system and close for a rest after two hours of business. It was not until close to 1 pm that Mini Program resumed ordering, but the order volume in the store remained above 1,000 for a period of time.

It is understood that although Gu Ming stores can be found in many cities, there is not a single store in downtown Shanghai. Therefore, this joint pop-up store can be said to be Gu Ming's first store in Shanghai, coupled with the event buff, which partnered with the popular game IP, which makes the store receive so many orders as soon as it opens.

It is worth mentioning that during the period when Gu Ming announced his cooperation with Love and Deep Space and the preparatory activities, there were more cases in which the surrounding samples were photographed and leaked during the production stage, and the staff training materials were leaked, which were dissatisfied and contradicted by game players. At one point, the relevant entries rushed into the hot search. As a result, the brand issued an explanatory statement and apologized to the expectant gamers.

Many netizens were shocked to see such a big battle at the joint flash store. Some people said that although the limited event attracted the attention of game players, there was no grand queue in Gu Ming stores in other cities. "We also have it in small counties on the 18th line, so we don't have to wait in line."

By more than 3 p.m., gamers heading for the joint event and perimeter might have been satisfied, and orders on Mini Program had fallen to double digits. However, some netizens believe that since the pop-up store is open for only three days and tomorrow happens to be the weekend, if the weather is good, it may repeat today's queue.

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