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Sorry to graduate! No one has taken over the 80-year-old coffee brand!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| The Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop mentioned "Nanyang Coffee". Many friends should think of Malaysian white coffee. Among them, the very representative old street white coffee should be something many tourists must go to the local tea room when they arrive in Ipoh. I checked in. Ipoh is filled with the aroma of coffee,

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When it comes to "Nanyang Coffee", many friends should think of Malaysian white coffee, among which the most representative white coffee in the old street should be that many tourists have to sign in in the local teahouse as soon as they arrive in Ipoh.

Ipoh has the aroma of coffee everywhere, and you can drink a cup of strong white coffee in any teahouse, and many of the coffee powder they use to make coffee powder comes from Hutchison, a local coffee powder factory that has been operating for 80 years.

Hutchison Coffee Powder Factory is located in the Mengalan Industrial Zone of Ipoh, while the store is located on Lane Street of Ipoh. People can smell the aroma of coffee before entering the store, with old photos of the founder and his wife hanging on the wall and iron cans with the iconic elephant logo stacked on the wall. When guests arrive at the store, they can buy according to the package, or they can sell coffee powder according to jin.

Because the coffee powder sold in the store is pure and fragrant, the quality is guaranteed and the price is suitable, the store has a group of loyal customers, and many local teahouses in Ipoh will come here to buy coffee powder in bulk to make white coffee.

It is understood that this time-honored coffee powder factory was founded in the 1930s by Fu Hechang, a native of Hainan, and started his business with the skill of stir-frying coffee beans. After the efforts of the second generation of heirs and a large number of employees, we have the current scale.

The factory used firewood in its early production and later switched to gas, maintaining the semi-traditional way of making coffee powder. Even though mechanized production has become the mainstream of the market, time-honored brands still have their own insistence on coffee taste and traditional handicrafts, resulting in sufficient manpower and physical strength for employees.

The third generation of people who are now in charge of the production and operation of coffee powder factories are no longer able to keep up with their physical strength as they get older, and the factories are now understaffed. In addition, the fourth generation of young people have their own successful careers, and no one is willing to take over the coffee powder factory, so after several discussions, the family finally decided to close the business.

The store is in the final stages of closing down, but coffee powder manufacturers are still rushing orders for some long-term customers to order more coffee powder to give them time to find new coffee powder suppliers. The person in charge said that after the factory has run out of existing coffee beans, it is expected that it will officially close down in one more week.

With the news of the closure of the time-honored coffee powder factory spread, many regular customers feel very sorry. The coffee powder with the elephant logo has not only experienced the inheritance of three generations, but also exists in the memories of the local three generations. After hearing the news, some customers did not hesitate to cross dozens of kilometers and rushed to the store to buy a few kilograms of coffee powder to relive the familiar taste in their memory.

Some young guests come here with admiration. Some people not only buy coffee powder, but also buy coffee cans and iconic coffee cans as souvenirs.

The head of the store said that the store will no longer operate after the stock of coffee powder is empty, but the old house where the store is located is also an ancestral house inherited by the family, where the family will continue to live. commemorative coffee cans and elephant ornaments will also be preserved, but no further plans have been made.

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