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How to choose a latte pot? What is the difference between a milk vat with a sharp mouth and a round mouth? How to make embossed tulips?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, I don't know if you have ever had this feeling when practicing drawing flowers: no matter how you practice, you will always feel that you are being blocked by an inexplicable way when drawing pictures, making it impossible for you to draw the imaginary drawing flowers well. pattern. If it's not a technical problem, then it's very likely that it's the flower jar you use

I don't know if you have such a feeling when you are practicing pulling flowers: no matter how you practice, you will always feel hindered by an inexplicable hindrance in drawing, so that you can not draw the imaginary pattern well. If it is not a technical problem, then it is very likely that the flower jar you are using is not suitable for the current milk coffee production!

We can see that there are many different kinds of flower-drawn vats on the market, and their capacity, nozzles and diversion grooves have different designs. The differences between these designs are not only reflected in the appearance, but also have different effects on flower drawing. Therefore, for novice friends, a suitable flower jar is very important. Well, let's come to the front street today to share what kind of impact the different designs of the flower jar will bring, so that everyone can better choose the flower jar that suits you, let the practice get twice the result with half the effort, and learn the production of the target pattern as soon as possible.

The cylinder nozzle and the diversion groove first talk about the cylinder nozzle of the flower-pulling cylinder, because its design is very important for drawing. The so-called pull flower is the use of grandma Niu to soak on the coffee surface to make white striped lines, and the milk foam will be transported to the liquid surface through the cylinder mouth, so the slight changes in the cylinder mouth will have a certain impact on the milk foam poured out. The wider the nozzle, the more milk bubbles will be transported, the narrower the nozzle, the fewer milk bubbles will be transported, and the final white line thickness will change due to the change of the nozzle (artificial control is also important).

Just like the spout of the hand-punching pot, the spout of the flower jar also has a variety of choices. At present, the main types of cylinder nozzles on the market are: sharp mouth, round mouth, crocodile mouth, crane mouth and so on, but the most common and most commonly used are sharp mouth and round mouth. Flower jars with crocodile and crane mouths can be transformed from pointed and round mouth cylinders, that is, they are evolved from them, so Qianjie no longer introduces them too much here. Sharp mouth: the so-called sharp mouth, that is, the cylinder mouth of the flower jar looks like an inverted triangle from the overlooking point of view, and the mouth entrance itself is wide, sharp, and does not have too many curved lines. This design can make the flower jar at the same tilt angle, pour out more milk foam, very suitable for embossing, leaves and other flower drawing that require a large flow.

Round mouth: the so-called round mouth is diametrically opposed to the sharp mouth. The round mouth cylinder nozzle will be relatively shallow, narrower in width, and the tip of the mouth will be curved in the shape of a "U". Because of this, the foam poured out from the round-mouth milk tank will be more concentrated, so it is easier to draw sturdy lines and large area patterns. It is very easy to make basic patterns such as white hearts and tulips. Therefore, it will be more suitable for beginners to practice.

The diversion groove refers to the groove connecting the cylinder nozzle and the cylinder body, which mainly plays a guiding role, which can reduce the tilt and make the cylinder nozzle closer to the coffee level. Generally speaking, the diversion groove will be matched with the cylinder nozzle design, so we do not need to pay too much attention to the length of the diversion groove, the choice of the cylinder nozzle will be more important.

The choice of the capacity of the milk tank is second only to the cylinder nozzle, and there are many different choices for the capacity of the milk tank on the market. When many friends don't know how to choose, they often choose the same amount according to the size of the latte. For example, 300ml's latte chooses 300ml's milk jar. However, Qianjie does not recommend that friends choose the milk tank in this way! Because, the whirlpool formed in the process of milk foam, as well as the increase in the volume of milk after discarding, the milk tank needs to vacate enough white space. Although a 300ml latte may only need 260ml milk to make, which is enough to leave room for 300ml's tank, it is important to know that the proportion of milk in the tank determines how much the tank can tilt. When the total amount of milk is closer to the total capacity of the tank, it means that the milk will be closer to the mouth of the tank, which will cause the tank to tilt less, thus keeping the tank away from the coffee surface, making it difficult to draw flowers. (the milk on the left is full, while the milk on the right is only six points in the vat.)

Therefore, Qianjie suggests that when choosing a milk tank, try to choose a milk tank whose capacity is twice as high as that used. For example, a latte from 240ml may use 200ml's milk, so our choice can be a milk tank above 450ml. In this way, the milk of 200ml is only less than half the height after it is poured into the milk tank, which can not only get rid of the foam better, but also make the milk tank have a greater tilt range when drawing, and the cylinder mouth is closer to the liquid surface, so the pattern making is simple! However, Qianjie does not recommend choosing a milk tank that is far more than several times the amount of milk used, although this can make the milk tank have a greater tilt, but it will also bring more negative effects. Suppose we use a 750ml milk tank and want to make a cup of 240ml latte, then, if we only pour 200ml milk, it will be difficult for the steam stick to be completely buried in the milk to form a whirlpool because the milk is not high enough in the jar, thus making it more difficult to get rid of the bubbles. If some friends choose to add milk and improve the milk level, it will lead to extravagance and waste. Because the latte cup can't hold more milk, there will be a lot of milk left in the jar after making the latte. Would you choose to drink this excess hot milk? Or dump it?

So for novice friends, the appropriate capacity of the milk tank, is the best! Of course, you can also buy two milk tanks, one big and one small, just like a professional. The small one is used to dispense the milk foam, and then the milk foam is inverted into the big milk tank, and the big milk tank is used for flower drawing. In this way, it can not only solve the problem of foam, but also get a better mapping effect. But only if it costs an extra share and washes an extra jar. How to choose, it all depends on yourself.