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How to make espresso Cambaran? What is the ratio of cream to coffee? What is Con panna?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Compared with other fancy coffees, the probability of Cambaolan appearing on the menu of coffee shops is too low. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an "unpopular product" in the coffee industry. Because of this, Kang Baolan's unique drinking method has not been popularized. When many friends first met Kang Baolan, they followed Afjado's shape

Compared with other fancy coffee, the probability of Herbalife appearing on the coffee shop menu is so low that it is not excessive to say that it is an "unpopular product" in the coffee industry. And because of this, the unique way of drinking Herbalife blue has not been popularized. Many friends in the first encounter of Campbell blue is in the form of Avjiaduo to taste, is to dig to drink (eat), although this is not wrong, but in fact, Campbell blue can also be better to drink!

What is Campbell Blue? "Herbalife" is a Chinese literal translation of the name, its full name is "Espreesso Con Panna", is Italian. "Espresso" in front of the street is not too much explanation, we all know, it means espresso! Con means with (and) in Italian, and Panna means cream, which means cream and Italian concentrate. And the way it is made, as it is called, is to add the right amount of cream to the espresso, which is very simple.

Campbell Blue will be born earlier than cappuccino, because the time has been too long to find out the specific people and things that happened. However, about the birth of Campbell Blue, there is such a hot story: the story takes place in Italy a long time ago, when the coffee machine was first invented. In order to convey his love to his wife, a coffee roaster intends to create a cup of coffee that can convey his heart. After a period of contemplation, Campbell Blue was born. Because the cream smeared on the condensed surface is very pure, like angel wings, Campbell Blue also has the nickname "Angel Wings" (Dirty: I can do this! My alias is the tears of Angels! ).

At this time, some friends are curious. It can't be seen from anywhere that Campbell Blue can convey love. Isn't it simply invented to dilute the bitterness of espresso? Although there is a good chance, when you drink Herbalife blue, this story can not be true. But as described at the beginning of the front street, Kangbao blue because of the existence of the cream top, many friends will mistakenly think it is like Avjiaduo, stir with a spoon, and then dig to eat. Although this is not impossible, but Herbalife actually has a better way to drink, it can really explain the core of the story! So before we explain, let's make a cup of Campbell Blue!

How should Campbell blue be made? The traditional Campbell Blue is made of espresso and cream in a ratio of 1:1 (volume), which is very simple, so we only need to prepare a small cup with enough capacity to hold it, as well as the two materials needed to make it! So first of all, let's concentrate and extract! The matching beans used in Qianjie are warm sun blends, and today's parameters are 19.8g 39ml for 30 seconds.

Then we take out the prepared cream and squeeze it in a ratio of one to one (volume, not weight), and the work is done! Although cream can be added according to your own preferences, as a well-known blogger said, the real "delicious" is to pay attention to the right yardstick, too much! )

(be sure to squeeze the cream into the concentrate, otherwise the concentrate and the cream will be completely separated and cannot be merged.) the production process is a bit embarrassing for the front street, but it's that simple. So how do you drink Campbell blue? In fact, its tasting method is a bit similar to dirty coffee, not stirring, through direct intake to feel the double flavor of concentrate and cream at the same time. Qianjie will recommend a small amount of repeated intake, because in this way you can feel the changes in the level of Herbalife. Just like Dirty, the concentrated taste of each mouthful is constantly changing, and the concentration left in the cup will continue to blend with the cream, getting sweeter and sweeter. It can be said that it perfectly reflects the romantic state that the barista wants to express, so such a story can not be true. There is no limit to the amount of time we drink, so we can decide how to treat it according to our preferences. Having said that, it's time for Qianjie to taste this cup of graceful and delicious Campbell blue!

One mouthful, warm sun blend of wine, cookies, berries and other flavor tunes swept the whole mouth, a little cream brought mellow, sweet, soften the concentration of their own rich flavor, make it prominent, but not exciting. With the increase of drinking times, coffee accounts for less and less, drink more and more cream, sweetness is also higher and higher, it can be said to be a very comfortable coffee!