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Market equipment?! The MStand knitting bag was requisitioned by my mother!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory The day before yesterday, the chain brand Mstand launched a new product, Blackberry Bubble American style. At the same time, it updated its surroundings and added new out-of-street equipment woven bags, making fans call Mstand not only a coffee seller, but also a luggage factory that grasps users 'preferences

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The day before yesterday, the chain brand Mstand launched a new BlackBerry bubble American style, while updating a wave of perimeter, on the new street equipment weaving bag, let fans call Mstand is not only a coffee seller, but also a luggage factory that holds users' preferences!

The brand launched a total of three woven bags: pure black, green and white and red and blue. The pure black style uses twill weaving and the color model is plain weaving. Although the weaving pattern is different, it does not affect the firmness and practicality of the knitting bag. It is very suitable for people who need to take a lot of personal belongings with them when they go out.

Urban beauties who are planning to change their commuter bags are attracted by this beautiful and practical perimeter. After the related activities are launched, they can either directly start the 88-yuan double-cup package, leave the knitting bag, and share the extra drinks with colleagues and friends, or buy 100-yuan coffee cards three times, put the bag in the bag first, and then slowly finish a cup of coffee a day.

All kinds of pictures of the surrounding parties can be seen on the social platform for a while. People who received the real object lamented that the bag was larger than expected. It could hold not only a few books, tablets and laptops, but also a cat, a stuffed dog, and even a human cub, making it the most eye-catching equipment for baby walking.

However, netizens feel familiar when they see the woven bags in green and white and red and blue. Compared with the product map on the online shopping platform, I immediately exclaimed that this is not the vegetable basket that Grandma and Grandma put forward when they went out.

The bright and dazzling color matching, simple weaving craftsmanship, and the capacity that seems to hold everything are almost the same as the usual knitting basket at home in my impression. Some people think that the bag is similar to the snakeskin bag carried by migrant workers on their shoulders and looks quite approachable.

In particular, there is a bundle of spring onions in this woven bag of Mstand, and the picture instantly evokes the memories of many people in DNA: "when I was a child, my mother used this to go to the market,"my milk went to the market basket," and "when I was a child, my hometown used to use sealed braided ribbons to make vegetable baskets!" , "it's kind of like the kind of vegetable basket that grandma used to buy vegetables."

For this reason, the woven bag launched by Mstand has attracted not only fans but also mothers.

A blogger posted that the knitting bag she had just acquired had been requisitioned by her mother and became her new vegetable basket. Mother said that this bag of iron is not suitable to go to the market to buy vegetables, even if accidentally stained with fresh raw materials, it is also convenient to clean. Some netizens said that because the elders of the family also wanted to have the same knitting bag, they had to buy several more three-time card packages, and the coffee for half a month was arranged in advance.

However, it has also been warned that although the Mstand woven bag is strong and durable, it is easy to go out to decorate personal belongings or go shopping in the vegetable market, but its material is hard and slightly tight, and it may damage clothes after rubbing with softer clothing, so friends who want to buy should be cautious.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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