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What are the characteristics of latte? Why is he so popular? Who invented the art of drawing flowers?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, So far, espresso has developed into a fairly large system. There are many styles to choose from just the milk coffee in the system. Traditional ones include lattes, cappuccino, piccolo, etc., while newer ones include Australian White and Dirty. But no matter how it develops, lattes still sit in every cafe.

Up to now, espresso has developed into a considerable system. The milk coffee in the system alone has a lot of options. The traditional ones are latte, cappuccino, piccolo and so on, while the new ones are Australia White and Dirty.

But no matter how it develops, the latte is still the top seller in every cafe (for the most part). So some friends want to ask, why is latte the most popular with so much milk coffee? What characteristics does it have that can make it stand out from the crowd of coffees? So today Qianjie will come to share with you why lattes are so popular.

What is a latte? Caff è latte is a coffee drink based on Italian concentrate with a lot of milk and steam bubbles. Although the practice of adding milk to coffee dates back to Europe in the 17th century, the latte was really defined in the late 1860s, some time after the Italian coffee machine was invented.

At that time, the quality of coffee beans was not high, and the roasting was very deep, so the extracted coffee was miserable. On the other hand, the proportion of cappuccino milk can no longer completely dilute the rich bitterness of coffee, which is undoubtedly a disaster for people who can't drink it. So they simply added more milk to neutralize it. In order to distinguish it from the cappuccino, the latte was born.

Why is latte the most popular? The coffee machine went to the world with the spread of the Italians, and so did the latte. But at first, the latte didn't make much of a stir. Because a person (outside Italy) can't imagine what a latte is like without knowing anything about coffee. Imagination can only be obtained through packaging or an introduction on a billboard, but it's easy to think that it's no different from a cappuccino, which sounds better (a book says: names are really important! ). So at the beginning, the latte didn't really get into the public eye.

It was not until 1980 that lattes suddenly became popular in the United States, and over the next few years, they became popular all over the world at an exaggerated speed. And this is largely due to the birth of "flower drawing art".

At first, hot milk coffee was just a blend of milk foam and coffee, or to make a cappuccino-like golden circle, simple and clear. Until 1980, when David Schomer, a barista in Seattle, USA, was making a latte, he happened to suspend the foam on the grease, forming a heart shape. The appearance of this pattern opened up a new way of thinking, and he began to come up with the idea of "painting" on coffee. As a result, the "flower-pulling art" was born. And latte is the biggest beneficiary of flower drawing art! Because of the birth of the art of drawing flowers, lattes have become unique. Compared with other traditional milk cafes, lattes with flowers are more enjoyable. So at this time, even if people do not know what kind of coffee a latte is, they will fantasize about the taste of the latte because of the exquisite flower pattern on the surface of the latte, and then order a cup driven by curiosity.

But to know, empty skin, no inside, can not retain the hearts of the people! So, the popularity of the latte is enough to prove that it is not a vase.

Starting with appearance, loyal to taste because of the addition of a large amount of milk, the proportion of coffee has been reduced, the bitter taste has been diluted, and will not give people the imagined bitter taste of coffee, the whole cup of coffee does not drink any burden, very soft. There is coffee taste, but because the milk is sweet, so it is not bitter, latte is such a balanced existence. Therefore, it can be seen that the audience area of latte is very wide, which is a very friendly thing for people who taste coffee for the first time. Many people are stuck in the quagmire of coffee after tasting the latte for the first time. It can be said that latte is not only the first step for most people to enter the coffee world, but also a booster.

That's why lattes are so popular. Not only has a very excellent ornamental, the taste is also very inclusive. It confirms the saying that is widely spread in the rice circle (slightly modified): start with the appearance, be loyal to the taste.