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Another cafe refuses to receive children. Shopkeeper: child-weary!

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, the phenomenon of "child misogyny" in two cafes has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. On June 29, some netizens posted that there was a "child-weary phenomenon" in some coffee shops. According to the pictures posted by netizens, the cafe has set up a "3 ~" at the door.

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Recently, the phenomenon of "child misogyny" in two cafes has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet.

On June 29, some netizens posted that there was a "child-weary phenomenon" in some coffee shops. According to pictures posted by netizens, the cafe put up a sign saying "No to children at the age of 13" at the door, and the manager added on the blackboard the reason for rejecting children: "the shopkeeper hates children." After the content was released, it immediately caused dissatisfaction among netizens.


In response, some netizens pointed out that the store's words were too mean and uncomfortable. "although I don't like children, I really don't understand why I have such malice to children." Some netizens think it's good to make it clear in advance to avoid conflicts.

Some netizens think that even if they do not receive children, the shop owner should not emphasize it so wantonly and can put it in a softer way. "even if it is said that caffeine is bad for children, or without the following four words," it would not have caused so much controversy.


In addition to the domestic coffee shop, there is also controversy on the Internet about South Korea's "no-child zone". It is also because the topic of restricting children's access in coffee shops has become a hot topic of public discussion.

Not long ago, CNN reported that "no-child zones" have become more and more common in South Korea in recent years. Many cafes in Korea officially declare that children are not welcome in this shop! The slogan "No Kids Zone" was posted at the entrance.


The reason for banning children is the same. These stores think that children are too noisy and often run about, which will affect other guests in the cafe who study or want to have a quiet rest. They are also worried that bear children will use their hands to touch or accidentally break the decorations placed in the store. The purpose of posting a notice is to create an undisturbed area for your customers. In addition to slogans such as "no children's area", some coffee shops even add the words "dog yes,kids no".


Many netizens expressed support for this practice of "banning children's shops". Coffee shops are supposed to be quiet spaces and are "recommended to be promoted throughout the country." Supporters believe that too many parents do not act, businesses have the right not to bear the risk of bear children entering the door.


Some netizens also pointed out that the slogan is too sarcastic and tends to discriminate against children. If merchants can reject people according to their age, can they also reject people according to their skin color, sex and race.... huh? When it comes to the sentence that is hostile to children, some netizens can not accept it. "no kids is understandable, but dog yes kids no is too much."

In response to this increasing "child-weariness", some young people say that they do not hate children as a group, but parents who hate bear children, especially giant baby parents who "can't control their children and should be tolerated by others."

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