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The raw material of Lucky Cafe destroyed the fallen waterway and was accused of "ruining heaven and earth".

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in our impression, if the raw materials of the catering industry are destroyed, it is usually due to damage, deterioration, expiration, or can not be used due to external pollution. Recently, some netizens as staff of Lucky Cafe

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In our impression, if the raw materials of the catering industry are destroyed, they are usually taken because they are damaged, deteriorated, expired, or cannot be used because of external pollution.

Recently, a netizen posted online as a staff member of Lucky Cafe that the company informed that due to the removal of products from the shelves and unified destruction of materials off the shelves, oatmeal milk, canned taro, sweet-scented osmanthus syrup and other raw materials should all be poured into the waterway to be disposed of. If it is not implemented on time, the store will be punished.


In other words, as long as the above raw materials are still stored in lucky curry stores across the country, they all have to be destroyed and disposed of even if they have not been opened, and videos and pictures have to be taken as certificates during operation.


Picture from: industrious Pandora

Yesterday, employees lucky enough to transport coffee posted content on social media showing how they poured oatmilk and syrup. From these pictures and videos, we can see that dozens of boxes of unopened oat milk and hundreds of bottles of sweet-scented osmanthus syrup are unscrewed one by one and poured directly into the drain, and then these empty boxes and bottles are recycled.

Not long after the release of the content, many colleagues of Lucky Cafe also testified to the fact that the raw materials were destroyed in the comment area. No matter how large the remaining material is, it will be dumped. Finally, we have to record the whole destruction process in the form of video and pictures, and upload it to the working group, so that the company will subsidize it.


In this regard, many netizens said that although they know that it is not the employee's fault, this kind of behavior is indeed too wasteful. It is obviously a good food, so just throw it away, it is really a waste of food, "violent destruction of natural things." It would be nice if we could give it to people in need and make the best use of it. "although we know that capital is rich, we still feel wasted" and "the company might as well donate it to the disaster-stricken areas."

As can be seen from the camera, the amount of remaining raw materials is really not small, and some netizens believe that the brand can set a buffer off the shelves so that individual stores can sell these products as soon as possible without such a waste. As for the act of dumping these raw materials directly into the ditch, some netizens said that the Rain Water well (sewer) should have been used to discharge excess Rain Water, and the local discharge of such a large amount of materials is likely to cause environmental pollution and non-compliance.


When it comes to the way of free donation, some netizens analyzed that when giving it away for free, we need to consider the problems of preservation, transportation, distribution and so on, and once the other person has a food problem, we have to be responsible, so the cost and risk are higher.


It is understood that the above mentioned materials are mainly used to make sweet-scented osmanthus oat latte and coconut taro mashed ice cream previously put on the shelves of Lucky Cafe. At present, both products have been removed from Lucky's order Mini Program.


In fact, many food chains on the market basically dispose of expired but unsold goods by destruction, and throwing them away directly is the most time-saving and labor-saving way. I can be forgiven for thinking that it has expired anyway. However, unlike expired food, just because the seasonal product plan is removed from the shelves, all raw materials are required to be poured into the sewers for immediate destruction, which makes people feel that these foods are very wasteful. On the other hand, if these raw materials are not destroyed but disposed of by other internal disposal methods, it may also give rise to other food safety problems and bear risks, which is also a dilemma for operators.

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