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Two cups of coffee 60 euros! Reason: Can see luxury yacht!!

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop This summer, Italy's restaurant industry has seen a number of incidents involving bills, all of which have sparked heated discussions on social media. CNN reported that two tourists ordered two cups of coffee and two glasses of water at Cervo restaurant in Sardinia.

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There have been a number of bill-related incidents in the Italian catering industry this summer, all of which have sparked a heated debate on social media.

According to CNN, two tourists ordered two cups of coffee and two cups of water at the Cervo restaurant in Sardinia and found the bill was 60 euros. In response, the restaurant owner said that the prices are written on the price list, and the charges are high because you can enjoy the high-end yachts in the nearby port.


Although the pricing does look amazing, according to the feedback from netizens, this kind of "crazy bill" is by no means alone in the tourist area of Italy.

According to the Daily Mail of the 8th, a foreign netizen shared a small ticket issued by a luxury bar near Lake Como on a social platform, showing that one of the charges was "cut sandwiches for 2 euros". Judging from the details of the note, a sandwich costs 7.5 euros, plus a cut costs 9.50 euros.

In response, the store owner said in an interview with the Italian media, "there is a price to pay for additional requirements." The customer asked to cut up the sandwiches, which meant I had to put them on two plates, give them an extra napkin and carry them with both hands. "


The incident caused a lot of controversy on the Internet, and many netizens took this opportunity to share the "outrageous bills" they had encountered locally.

Some netizens mentioned that near the port of Portofino in northern Italy, tourists asked the restaurant for an empty plate at an extra charge of 2 euros. In coffee bars on the banks of Lake Como, it costs an extra 0.1 euros if you ask for cocoa powder on a cappuccino, because Italian coffee shops rarely sprinkle cocoa powder on a cappuccino.

In addition, there is also a young mother who complains about the rising prices in Italian tourist areas. She said she was on holiday in the seaside town of Ostia in Rome and wanted to ask the waiter to microwave the baby's bottle and was charged an extra 2 euros.

Because of uncontrollable soaring prices, prices in some places are 240% more expensive than other tourist destinations along the Mediterranean coast. Many Italians have simply abandoned their preferred domestic attractions in August in favour of less popular but relatively low-cost countries such as Albania and Montenegro. Even Prime Minister Georgia Merloni is on holiday on a beach in Albania this year.


However, just as she was enjoying the blue sky, beach, food and beautiful scenery with her family, she never expected that she was told a very embarrassing event at a banquet with Albanian President Edi Rama.

It turns out that recently, in the small town of Perat, a set of surveillance footage of a restaurant captured four tourists fleeing from a bully meal. The shopkeeper who was evaded the order made it clear in a television interview that the four people under surveillance were all Italian and spent a total of 80 euros. Under the exaggeration of the media, the news that "rich" Italian tourists came to the less developed historic cities to bully shopkeepers also made a fuss in the local area and alarmed the president of Albania.


After learning the whole story, Prime Minister Merloni had to call in the Italian ambassador to Albania and said directly to him, "go and pay those idiots' bills!" Subsequently, the Italian Embassy in Albania confirmed in a statement that it had paid the bill on behalf of its citizens at a price of about 80 euros. At the same time, the ambassador once again reminded domestic tourists: "Italians abide by the rules and repay their debts, and we hope this kind of incident will not happen again."

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