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Do today's coffee people dream of being landowners?

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
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At the beginning, let me ask you a question: apart from going to the place of origin, where do you think you can see coffee trees?

At this time, I believe that experienced friends can immediately share a cafe they found when they visited the store. "there is a tree there." Planting coffee trees in the store can not only serve as a green plant, but also fit the theme of the store, and there is a sense of restoring the origin of coffee when it blossoms and bears fruit, which is really good!


However, there are only a few stores with coffee trees like this. If the distance is too far, there is no need to clock in specially. But as coffee lovers, they naturally hope that they can be filled with all kinds of coffee-related elements, so many green plant lovers began to have the idea of growing their own coffee.

In the Little Red Book, searching for the keyword "coffee tree", there are nearly 10,000 related notes, most of which are netizens sharing some practical experiences and records of growing coffee trees at home. There are enthusiastic netizens who have sorted out detailed planting tutorials for your reference.


Although we are at different stages, everyone takes care of this life carefully. Some people choose to start raising seedlings and are still waiting for the seeds to germinate; some buy saplings directly and transplant them to potted plants to learn how to fertilize and water them; others notice that their coffee trees are sick and hope to ask for help; others have ushered in the flowering period and are contentedly waiting for the arrival of red coffee fruits.


From the experience shared by netizens, the variety of challenges will not be limited to the common Katim and tin pickup, but also red bourbon, yellow bourbon, Kaddura, sl28 and so on, and even the rosy summers of major well-known estates. Worthy of the pursuit of boutique coffee people, to drink a cup of hand to start from planting a coffee tree.

A few days ago, a "retired" barista in the workshop also sent his own small tree, which is said to be planted by bourbon. It still looks like a "baby", and the branches under the lush leaves are still very small, so we can see that we are still working hard to grow.


We can know from many ways that coffee trees are usually suitable for growing in tropical rain forest climates with higher elevations. They not only have very high requirements for temperature, light, altitude and rainfall, but also need the blessing of volcanic soil, microclimate, shade trees and other conditions to produce unique and delicious coffee beans, which is why high-quality coffee beans in the world are so rare and valuable.

It is difficult for us to have these favorable factors at home, even in some areas, so if we are not careful when planting, the operation failure rate will be much higher than that of the place of origin. However, if we take good care of and take good care of the seedlings from the beginning, and properly water, fertilize and bask in the sun for the plants, it will not be too difficult to provide an environment for coffee trees to survive. Maybe in a few years, it will blossom and bear fruit successfully. Look, I have already experienced that the harvest is about to fall!


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