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Clerk refuses cash? The police were dispatched to successfully place the order?!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop recently, as the joint fever with Maotai began to fade gradually, Ruixing because of a rejection of cash incident caused heated discussion again. A man in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, posted a video on September 6 saying he was at a Ruixing store that day, according to a boiling point video report

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Recently, as the popularity of joint names with Maotai began to fade, Ruixing triggered a heated discussion again because of an incident about refusing to accept cash.

According to boiling Point Video report, on Sept. 6, a man in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province posted a video saying that he was buying coffee at a Ruixing store that day, but was told by an assistant that he could only buy coffee through online APP, and would not accept offline cash transactions, so he must order and pay on Lucky APP or Mini Program if he wants to buy coffee.

However, the man still insisted on paying in cash because he did not want to use sweep code or Mini Program to authorize his personal information to place an order. "I said I pay 50 yuan, I need to order offline." He said he refused to accept RMB, so I had to order from APP. Then I say I refuse to collect my cell phone number by you, and I will call the police. "


In the face of the man insisting on an offline cash order, the shop assistant replied that if he felt there was a problem, he could call the police. Subsequently, the man called the police, the police arrived at the scene to understand the situation, explained to the shop assistant: refusing to accept cash is illegal. After more than ten minutes of mediation by the police, the shop assistant finally used the APP on his mobile phone to help the man order and buy coffee online.

In this regard, some netizens believe that lucky shop assistants express that they can only order online, not refuse cash, and the store is only responsible for producing products, which is a rule specified by businesses. Another netizen added that Ruixing's joining model does not allow stores to register on their own, and all APP/ Mini Program orders must be placed in order to calculate the real profits later, so there is no need to embarrass the workers.


In fact, this is not the first time Lucky has been in the news because of cash payments. According to a report by the Nine School News on April 11, some netizens said that they were refused to accept cash when buying Luckin Coffee. The coffee workshop has previously reported that it is difficult to use cash to pay in Ruixing.


In response to the controversy caused by the incident, Ruixing customer service responded that Luckin Coffee ordered himself on Mini Program or APP online, while offline there was no channel for ordering. If the guest insists on paying in cash, it is OK, but the assistance of the on-site staff is needed. The purpose of this is to facilitate the after-sale of the product.

On the question of whether Ruixing supports cash to buy coffee, there are also netizens in Xiaohongshu who have "popularized science", which is OK. It is only through the assistance of the staff, and no coupons can be used. The "staff assistance" mentioned here means that the clerk uses the APP on his mobile phone to place an order on behalf of the customer, and the customer gives the cash to the clerk, so it is inevitable that the employee will have to refuse to place the order on his behalf because the employee is unable to provide change.


In the face of this kind of difficulty in cash settlement, some netizens said that since the popularity of mobile payment, some businesses have begun not to charge cash, and now they still need other people's assistance or even refuse to buy things with RMB. The Internet era does bring a lot of convenience to everyone's life, but for older people, mobile phone payment is more inconvenient.


It was also mentioned that nowadays many stores require online ordering and mobile payment, but this is not a reason to refuse to accept cash. Refusing to accept cash is an illegal act, no matter what kind of store you run, you should support cash payment.

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