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The coffee shop refuses to supply hot food to customers.

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop is near, and some friends in Hong Kong are complaining in groups that some coffee shops in Hong Kong cannot provide hot drinks, saying that it is "very strange". The friend said that because he needed to take traditional Chinese medicine at that time, he had to get hot food to assist in brewing, but the shop assistant refused, saying that

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Recently, some friends from Hong Kong complained in groups that the coffee shops in Hong Kong could not provide hot food, saying that it was "very strange". The friend said that because he needed to take traditional Chinese medicine at that time, he had to get hot food to assist in brewing, but the male clerk refused, saying that "hot food was supplied in the store," while another clerk agreed to provide hot food for this friend, but he needed a cup with a cup.

This situation is not very common. In some cafes, customers will be provided if they have a hot need, but some service industries in Hong Kong sometimes seem to care more about procedures and send similar stereotyped things. it is no wonder that Hua Tsai has photographed the service industry that "such a service attitude is not enough". The store in question did not respond on the website why it could not provide hot food.

Of course, this does not happen only in Hong Kong. On 7: 2, East Weihai complained in a video that a milk tea shop sold 10 yuan for its cups. According to Wang, the person in charge, he suddenly had a stomachache when he was shopping, so he went to buy a cup of hot tea. The shop assistant said that as long as the "cup" can only be charged for a single cup of milk tea, but did not tell the specific fee, the shop assistant found that the "cup" was charged 10 yuan after payment.


In response, the merchant responded that the company has a rule that the cup should not be sold alone, and that if you sell it, you must charge for a cup of milk tea, and that the cup will be picked up for free, which has been informed to the customer before the collection.

Since the party concerned did not bring a cup of tea, the merchant sold it to the customer at the price of a cup of milk tea, which is equivalent to the purchase of "10 yuan milk tea + 0 yuan hot tea" service. For the person in question, Wang Wang is not very receptive to this result, but the merchant has already communicated with the customer in advance, and some friends have expressed their understanding of the merchant's charge.



Starbucks, for example, can provide hot food for free. As long as you take the initiative to mention it to the shop assistant, the staff will bring you a cup of hot food.

As coffee shops provide coffee and other drinks, we can actually make decisions according to the actual situation of the shops when we meet customers who are in need of hot drinks. For example, if some customers do not spend money, the store may treat them negatively. There are also some customers who will be affected by the "video" and the loopholes in the price of the products sold in the store, and the lowest cost will match the products sold in the store. For example, some stores have regulations such as "because the prices of espresso and American coffee are not the same, it is forbidden to provide hot coffee to customers." the reason is that at the prices of espresso and American coffee, consumers will order a cup of espresso and pour it in the coffee shop, and directly "upgrade" to the American style.

Under normal circumstances, most coffee shops may follow the requirements, but explain the specific reasons to the customers so as not to give the impression of poor service, or they may silently watch the customers produce the product. Nowadays, the reason why these news can still appear on the website and become the topic of discussion is precisely because things happen sporadically, and most operators or consumers do not have such a tasteless situation in this case. Hello, I am good, my family is good, Shuangfu will get a better experience.

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