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Nani? Lucky 9.9 is going off the shelves.

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
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Before 9.9

I was just standing outside the door watching.

After 9.9

I report on time every week


Luckin Coffee successfully broke the circle after the hot popularity of the Maotai-flavored latte. Recently, on social networking platforms, many netizens who claimed to have received inside information said: "inside information, the last week of Ruixing 9.9" and "Ruixing 9.9 is going to be gone?" , "Lucky 9.9 yuan will be removed from the shelves on September 17". There are many posts about "Luckin Coffee" today will be the last day of the 9.9 yuan era.

In the comment area, netizens said one after another, "ah?" No, then I won't drink, "it's all right, we have a store,"it doesn't matter, let's get off the shelf and see if anyone else buys it", "so turn around and walk to Kudi." they also feel that "it doesn't matter. Lucky is not cheap. Naturally there will be other substitutes. Just change the brand."

Since playing Wandian celebration, 9.9 yuan can be said to have become a normalization of Luckin Coffee, if sudden changes will inevitably cause many resident consumers to cause dissatisfaction.


In response, some netizens have started to make preparations, hoarding volumes on Ruixing's Mini Program, while others said they were too anxious to grab another cup of coffee, or even rushed to Cuddy to hoard them.


Lucky baristas said in the comments section that "Lucky employees are very happy" and "that means our workload has plummeted". At the same time, however, another netizen, who claimed to be an employee of Ruixing, said he had not been notified. So far, there is an inside news on the network that the 9.9 discount will be removed from the shelves after September 17, but Luckin Coffee has not come forward to respond.


As early as February this year, Coffee Coffee, which has been established for four months, launched the "hundred cities and Thousand shops Coffee Carnival". All its coffees are promoted according to 9.9 yuan a cup. But perhaps because of cash flow, Cudy stopped its 9.9 yuan activities one after another in April.


What makes people feel interesting is that Rui Xing used the store to break through Wandian and hold a "Wandian Thanksgiving" activity, during which a cup of popular style goods cost 9.9 yuan a day. Such a scene, Cudy had to continue to fight, once again launched the "summer ice drinking season, 9.9 yuan a day" activity.

It is reported that Luckin Coffee once said, "in order to thank hundreds of millions of consumers for their support, Luckin Coffee's' 9.9 yuan 'gratitude feedback activity will continue regularly for at least two years." At the same time, we learned that Luckin Coffee said in a recent post that "we will make continuous efforts to continue the global bean search program to continue the happiness of 9.9 yuan on the premise of ensuring high-quality coffee."


Lucky has begun to form a strong bargaining power through the Wandian supply chain, thus compressing the living space of other brands, which is undoubtedly a blow to many brands, including Cudi, Lucky Cafe and so on. However, further information has yet to be implemented. What do you think of this?

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