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This is serious! Starbucks takes activity video request can't mention "made in China"?!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop according to Chinese business newspaper, September 14, Xi'an a group purchase shooting talent, See Starbucks in the national exploration recruitment, Sign up, After the audition successfully selected. After entering the WeChat group to communicate shooting matters, prepare to shoot September 16 as required

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According to Huashang Daily, a group-buying photographer in Xi'an on September 14 signed up when he saw that Starbucks was recruiting talent across the country and was successfully selected after auditions. After joining the WeChat group to communicate and shoot, we are ready to shoot the Starbucks 39.9 double Cup event which went on sale on September 16.

The group was named "Starbucks 9.16 execution of Sister level 5 and Group 4", and then sent out a request for a promotional video. Article 4 clearly states that it refuses to mention Chinese-made and Chinese coffee-related skills.


The photographer said that this was said by the staff responsible for reviewing the video in the group, in addition to the group where the screenshot page is located, several other groups also posted it, and everyone was very angry when they saw it. In one of the groups, a photographer questioned, "I'm sorry, it's something I don't understand!" I give up filming this project! In my country, I can't accept not to mention my country. "


In response, the staff who issued the shooting request replied, "because we just want to put the hot spot on the coffee, the heat made in China will definitely be high, and everyone has feelings, but we want to focus on the coffee itself."

However, many photographers do not agree with the explanation of "just want to focus on coffee", so they choose to quit the group and refuse to participate in this shooting activity. Although he has dropped out of the group, the talent who released the news is still very confused. Originally, this was just a very regular shooting activity, and they didn't see the words "made in China" and "Chinese coffee" when they photographed in the store, but they added such a request for no reason, which made everyone very disgusted.

On social media such as Weibo, the incident has also aroused public attention and heated discussion after it was released.


Many netizens find it baffling that Starbucks (products) does not have much to do with "made in China", and the above words should not be mentioned in publicity occasions, so why is there such a requirement?


In response to this matter, a reporter from Huashang Daily called Starbucks China members and store service number on the afternoon of September 16. According to the staff, the relevant verification work is currently under way, and the details will be transferred to the relevant person-in-charge as soon as possible, and the responsible person will respond to the matter later, but no exact reply time can be given. As of press time, Starbucks officials have not yet responded to this.

Picture from: Huashang Daily

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