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"Why do most baristas have tattoos?"

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "you can't be a barista without tattoos?" "if you have a tattoo, you can only be a barista."the big flower arm is the first step to becoming a barista."... Recently, a barista posted on a social platform: "Why do baristas have tattoos?" I don't know how big.

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"can't you be a barista without tattoos?"

"if you have a tattoo, you can only be a barista."

"the big flower arm is the first step to becoming a barista."


Recently, a barista posted on a social platform: "Why do baristas have tattoos?"


I wonder if you have found a phenomenon that as people's minds slowly open up, in the major chain coffee brands (Starbucks, Lucky, manner …... ) or there are some baristas with mysterious charm tattoos in cafes.

For example, Starbucks, which is familiar to everyone, although we can often see baristas with tattoos at Starbucks, until 2015, Starbucks did not allow baristas to have extensive tattoos at work. Until later, Starbucks said that it relaxed the restrictions to enable employees to better show their personal style, but still to maintain the impression of Starbucks clean and professional.


In fact, tattoos have been misunderstood in many cases because tattoos do not conform to everyone's concept of "being clean", coupled with the previous explanations of tattoos in many underworld movies (Gu Xie Tsai series). Only bad guys get tattoos.

Going back to the beginning of the article, "Why do baristas have tattoos?"

As we all know, the salary of simple baristas is not high, and they, who have been working in the front line of coffee, at least love coffee and generate electricity for love. In fact, tattoos, whether in words or patterns, are always to please yourself and others, no matter where you are tattooed. The barista's tattoo is not the body, but the faith (because it's a little cool, of course)! It's a love for coffee.


Although, can understand that there are still many people can not accept tattoos, but for baristas, the saddest thing is not to accept their own beliefs, but because of a moment of prejudice, the barista's own professionalism and love of coffee become worthless.

Some people say that tattoos are symbols of beauty, mystery, sex appeal and charm, while others say that tattoos are the embodiment of unique personality and self, as well as personal beliefs and way of life. In fact, whether you have a tattoo or not, even if you have a tattoo, it doesn't mean you can't make good coffee. Tattoos don't mean you don't have a good mind and don't judge people by their appearance. It's a quality that everyone should have.


Then again, baristas don't have to get tattoos, and they're not recommending tattoos. Because tattooing is a deliberate thing, although there is technology to remove tattoos, but it will still leave traces, so if you really want to do this, be sure! Think well and don't do things that you will regret.

Finally, the barista should judge whether he or she is a qualified barista according to the quality of the coffee provided by him or her, rather than his appearance.

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