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McDonald's is complained that it is too casual to make coffee.

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop three years ago, McDonald's coffee brand McCaf é (McCoffee) announced that it would invest 2.5 billion yuan plus the mainland Chinese coffee market, covering more than 4000 restaurants, so that "wherever there is McDonald's, there is McCoffee and enjoy it anytime, anywhere."

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Three years ago, McDonald's coffee brand McCaf é announced that it would invest 2.5 billion yuan in the mainland Chinese coffee market, covering more than 4000 restaurants, so that "wherever there is McDonald's, there is McCoffee and enjoy a good cup of coffee anytime, anywhere."


Unwittingly, three years later, more than 3200 McCafe restaurants have opened, and almost every McDonald's has a McCaf é "territory". In this "in-store" mode, each McCaf é bar is equipped with not only a semi-automatic bumblebee and a bean grinder of the same color, but also at least one dedicated barista, so that the high-end McCoffee can gradually replace the relatively inexpensive instant coffee.

But recently, some netizens have posted a post on social media complaining that McCafe baristas are not operating properly. The netizen said that he entered a McDonald's while waiting for transit at the high-speed railway station and noticed that the barista's operation was very casual when he was eating. The following is the netizen's detailed description:


First of all, the powder bowls are stuck in the bean grinder to pick up the powder early, even if the next coffee guest will not have it until ten minutes later. And it doesn't weigh the powder at all, and the barista only wears the powder and does not press it.

Second, there is no water before extraction; the steam stick is inserted directly into the cup and breathed in at the end; after the fusion, the cup does not have to tilt at all, pour the milk directly like a cascade, and then pretend to end up to complete a flower pull that is nothing. Not only that, the steam stick is never rubbed. As can be seen from the pictures posted by netizens, the steam stick is indeed covered with milk stains. )


Finally, the barista buckled the wet powder dregs extracted from the powder bowl into the waste powder bucket without washing or rubbing it at all, and continued to receive powder directly on the bean grinder. Netizens added that through visual inspection, there is still 1/5 of the wet powder residue in the powder bowl, which means that 1/5 of the wet powder residue in each new bowl is repeatedly extracted.

However, coffee produced by such a casual operation is not cheap. The American style sells for 19% and the latte for 21%.


In this regard, many netizens in the comment area feel that it should be an isolated phenomenon. McCoffee has a special personnel training system, and the employee with non-standard operation is likely to be an untrained newcomer. This situation occurs only when he takes up a temporary post. This is not the case in all McCafe stores.


Another netizen, who claimed to be a McCoffee barista, said that in fact, McCoffee has a standard: 22 grams of powder, the amount of powder and grinding thickness of the bean grinder are pre-adjusted. If the powder content is measured in all cups and cups, it will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of making products and lead to customer complaints. In addition, McCaf é baristas don't just make coffee, they also have to do other jobs. Therefore, "just because individual employees do not operate in accordance with the standard, McDonald's can not directly say that it is casual to make coffee."


In operation, McCoffee originally claimed that, unlike other convenient coffee, McDonald's has its own independent baristas. Instead of making fried chicken at the peak of the meal or making coffee in their spare time, they all go through 100 hours of training and have strict product quality control in order to achieve the "boutique trend".

However, according to the feedback from experienced people on social platforms, the "Xiaohuang Cup" has not become popular as expected, and McCoffee also allows inexperienced people to "play temporarily" because of a lack of people. Over time, negative comments such as "not operating according to standards", "uneven quality control", and low performance-to-price ratio will only become more and more.

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