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Starbucks' new function along the street has been complained of being pulled down!

Published: 2024-02-21 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/21, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop a few days before the National Day holiday, many friends will choose to drive to play it, how to do if you want to drink coffee while driving? Starbucks, as an internationally renowned coffee brand, has expanded new functions for this purpose, and jointly launched "Dri along the street" with Amap.

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During the National Day holiday a few days ago, many friends will choose to drive to play. What if they want to drink coffee on the way? Starbucks, as an internationally renowned coffee brand, has expanded new functions for this purpose, and jointly launched "Drive-through" with Amap.


On March 21 this year, the along-the-street pick-up service jointly launched by Starbucks China and Amap was officially put into use. The service is mainly for drivers or passengers who need coffee during commuting rush hours and busy roads. Customers only need to set up a destination and pick up meals along the way on Amap's App in advance. After placing an order, Starbucks barista will make drinks according to the user's arrival time. When users arrive, they can roll down the window and get the coffee handed over by Starbucks baristas. When it was just launched, the "pick up from the street" service only covered 150 Starbucks stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

During the National Day holiday, a special package of National Day trips was launched along the street, which will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. This activity needs to place an order for 2 designated drinks to get a cute tote dual-use bag, because the bag shape is lovely and attracts many customers. There are many netizens posted their own successful order posts, saying that this along the street is very convenient, but also a lot of posts are to teach other netizens to place orders strategy.


But this event has also been complained by many netizens. According to netizens, "the seven-day National Day event was out of stock in the early morning of the first day." so it also caused netizens to complain about this activity one after another. "if you can't afford an activity, don't do it. I'm so angry." there is so little inventory. All of a sudden. "


The second is the issue of issuing orders. After entering the destination on Amap app, you need to find out the stores passing near the route according to the route, but if there is no suitable store on the route, you will not be able to place an order. Netizens also found that some stores are not open during the National Day, but orders can be issued normally, resulting in a wasted trip by customers.

In addition, the store is so busy that no staff is free to deliver orders during the morning rush hour, so customers need to park their cars by the side of the road and then go into the store to pick them up, causing some trouble for customers. Moreover, it is necessary to pay an additional service fee of 3 yuan to pick up and issue orders along the street. Netizens feel that they do not enjoy the service taken by the roadside, but it is unreasonable that they still have to pay the service fee.


In fact, Starbucks launched this event to enhance the awareness of "pick up along the street", attract more customers to use and place orders, and provide services for new scenes in addition to "third Space". However, since the launch of this function in March, there have been many problems, such as inconvenient operation, Amap miscalculation, closed stores can also issue orders, shortage of manpower, and so on. Netizens feel that "picking up along the street is not done at all, and it feels like we are being tested as guinea pigs." Starbucks still needs to improve these problems. I hope it will be better and better.

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