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The SCA certificate is about to change, and the new certificate is more complex!?

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ Click to follow | Daily Fine Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently SCA Fine Coffee Association announced the launch of a new sca skill certificate, which will replace the old SCA coffee certificate. SCA, the full name of SpecialtyCoffeeAssociation Fine Coffee Association, is currently

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Recently, the SCA Fine Coffee Association announced the launch of a new sca skill certificate, which will replace the old SCA coffee certificate.

SCA, the full name of Specialty Coffee Association Fine Coffee Association, is the most professional, authoritative, innovative and international boutique coffee organization dedicated to coffee training and education in the world. In the coffee industry, SCA is an industry training and certification organization, for those engaged in the coffee industry is a learning and certification system.


According to the official website, the current SCA coffee black certificate certificate (100 points certificate) will be cancelled and changed to SCA skill certificate. During the launch of the new certificate, the old sca coffee certificate will continue to be available for a longer transition period. Those who are eligible for the SCA Coffee Certificate can still apply until December 31, 2023, after which it will be completely replaced by the new sac skill Certificate. The sca Coffee Black Certificate applied for this year will be issued in 2024, which will still be recognized and celebrated by the Association as a valid representative of learners' achievements.

The old SCA Coffee Black Certificate Certification requires more than 100 points in the SCA Coffee course to apply for SCA certification. There are six modules: coffee knowledge, barista, coffee brewing, coffee raw beans, coffee roasting, sensory cup test. Except that the coffee knowledge module has only one grade 10 points, the other five modules can get 5 points at the beginning, 10 points at the intermediate level and 25 points at the advanced level, and the corresponding scores can be obtained by taking the corresponding course certificate.


The new certification certificate will be divided into four certificates: coffee shop certificate, baking certificate, coffee trade certificate, sustainable coffee certificate.

Now each type of certificate needs to be combined with three basic courses: coffee skills, coffee sustainability, and coffee technology. Then in the corresponding advanced courses. Now the certificate has become a combination of compulsory courses, not the credit system, so the current certification will be more comprehensive, and there will be more and more complex courses.


In fact, to sum up, the old SCA coffee black card certificate is a credit system, if you want to do research, you can choose the module and assessment to learn according to your own needs, and the assessment is graded. To get the final black certificate, you only need credits in different modules.

The latest certification requires more comprehensive learning, no matter which module you want to obtain, you need basic learning for all disciplines, followed by high-level learning and certification in targeted modules.

If you want to take the old black certificate certificate, you should hurry up to complete it within this year, and the new certificate certification will begin next year. Details about the new SAC certificate can be viewed on the SCA official website.

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