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It's a hot search! The independent coffee shop owner complained that he was destroyed by 9.9 yuan.

Published: 2024-02-29 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Today, there are mainly two types of coffee shops on the market, one is brand chain, which includes foreign chain brands such as Starbucks and Costas, as well as Ruixing, Mstand and Manner; as local brands.

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Today, there are mainly two types of coffee shops on the market, one is brand chain, which includes foreign chain brands such as Starbucks and Costas, as well as Lucky, M stand and Manner; as local brands, the other is independent coffee shops created by individual entrepreneurs, also known as boutique coffee shops, mainly based on single store size. The current coffee market is undergoing a new round of reshuffle.

Yesterday, an entry # the owner of an independent coffee shop complained that he was killed by 9.9 pieces of coffee # was posted on a hot search and triggered a discussion among netizens.


In this regard, some netizens believe that survival of the fittest is a normal phenomenon.


Some netizens said that boutique coffee and chain coffee do not compete on the same track. Although the price is higher than the chain coffee brand, but the choice of boutique coffee shop is mainly to enjoy the environment and atmosphere, "30-40 mainly drink the environment."


In recent years, the most obvious change in the coffee track is the increase in the number of stores in chain coffee brands, of which Luckin Coffee and Coffee Coffee have increased most rapidly. According to media reports, Ruixing said it is expected that the number of Luckin Coffee stores will exceed 15000 by the end of this year. According to media reports, the number of Kudi Coffee stores, which only landed in October 2022, has exceeded 6000 so far.

At the same time, price war is also the main phenomenon of coffee track in recent years. Lucky's price is between 10 and 20 yuan, often with coupons stacked, 10 to 15 yuan can drink a cup of coffee. The pricing range of Cudy is not much different from that of Lucky.

In the face of such a price war, it is undoubtedly a feast for consumers. But for independent coffee shops, it was a disaster.

According to narrow-door data, 77083 new stores were opened in the past year as of September 13, with a net increase of 42450 in the past year. Compared with simple mathematical calculations, nearly 35000 stores have "disappeared" in this year's industry turmoil.


Since the above data do not indicate whether the disappeared stores are coffee chain brands or independent coffee shops, but based on the expansion of coffee chain brands and feedback from independent coffee shop entrepreneurs, the trend of closure may be dominated by independent coffee shops.

There is no denying that coffee is still one of the most high-profile tracks at the moment, even in a volatile and uncertain environment, as well as the fact that opportunities are reduced as a result of the excessive involution of the coffee market. It means that without solid homework and sound operational knowledge, the operators who decide to enter this event will come to a painful end.


Some practitioners believe that the price war is only one of the external factors; looking at many cases, it is found that most of them are due to location failure, blind operation, vague positioning, lack of professional knowledge, lack of service, unpleasant music, and lack of competitiveness. That's why the independent coffee shop went out of business.

In addition, there are also cases of bankruptcy due to the break-up of partnerships or joining unstable projects.

Competition on the coffee track is more likely to accelerate the death of independent coffee shops. In addition, the coffee shops created by individual operators do not have the advantages of brands such as Lucky and Coffee Coffee, the advantages of the supply chain, and the unified equipment and processes of the stores, and the taste is more stable. More importantly, such brands do not rely solely on the sale of coffee to make money, but also a variety of ways such as high franchise fees.


Faced with such a situation, many coffee practitioners or independent coffee shop owners began to find another way, some do their own IP to do Douyin success, some do products to attract consumer attention, and even make a variety of derivative peripheral products to support the operation.

Generally speaking, to open a coffee shop or to have a long-term business, individual operators should focus on sorting out what their consumers really need. Instead of competing with chain coffee brands for low prices and volume. For this adversity, I hope everyone can keep their original mind and turn against the wind.

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