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Is this coffee festival featuring a "conspicuous bag"?

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop in the vast crowd, want to stand out, by everyone's eyes can capture you, incarnation into a "conspicuous bag" may be the most effective way. Two days ago, the eighth Lujiazui Coffee Festival, which lasted for five days, officially kicked off.

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In the vast sea of people, if you want to stand out, you can be caught by everyone's eyes as soon as you enter the stadium, and incarnation into a "conspicuous bag" may be the most effective way.

Two days ago, the eighth Lujiazui Coffee Festival, which lasted for five days, officially kicked off, and various entry strategies, clocking in pictures and wool achievements were frequently released on social media. Look at this line that is longer than nucleic acid. If you don't tell me, who will remember that this is a working day?


It is understood that compared with previous years, the number of participating cafes in this coffee festival reached a record high of 270. In addition to local brands, it has also introduced more than a dozen boutique coffee brands from Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and other countries. The new method of "domestic + overseas" once again made the coffee men of Mordu eager to get excited and quickly pulled out their mobile phones to make an appointment.


Friends who have been to the coffee festival should know that many brands prepare a certain number of practical peripherals with exclusive designs for distribution before the official launch, such as shopping bags and coffee cups. Printed with logo can not only do a publicity for their own, approachable features coupled with good-looking design can also let everyone in the daily implementation.

This kind of perimeter generally needs on-site consumption, pay attention to the brand number or platform release and sign-in and other ways to get on the coffee festival, so that the brand can bring a new wave of attention by giving away the surrounding marketing strategy. So in the coffee festival, the brand competes not only with the coffee itself, but also with the surrounding design. This is not, this year's Lujiazui Coffee Festival outstanding bags are the best evidence of brands competing for favor.

In terms of size, one is bigger than the other, and it may hold the whole child.


One is longer than the other, even if the height is a little shorter, it may mop the floor.


In terms of material, there are canvas bags, woven bags, woolen bags and pvc laser handbags.

There are even ultra-thin plastic bags.


In terms of modeling, some imitate vinyl records, and some refer to the market to buy vegetable baskets.


There are also red and yellow plastic bags for wholesale delivery.

I believe that needless to say, everyone knows that this brand should come from Guangdong. )


In copywriting, it is even more straightforward.

"Coffee Festival conspicuous bag", "Dream bag", "full of bug", "Coffee is always right".


The above extremely high-profile bags and bags, casually carrying a walking on the road can transform you into the most flamboyant player in the whole venue, which can be said to be eye-catching. As for brands, consumers shuttling between stalls with exclusive bags or photo hair loops are undoubtedly "free advertising", so why not.

As a matter of fact, when the homogenization of coffee is serious in the market, the additional products besides roll coffee are also the trend of the times. Looking back at the "strategy of braised wool" at coffee festivals over the years, shopping bags obviously sell better than coffee. Compared to "where is the coffee stall?" Many consumers are more curious about "where did you get this bag?" .


In addition, the reason why these shopping bags sell better than coffee is that, in addition to the design itself, the price of coffee at the coffee festival ranges from a minimum of 20 to 30 to a maximum of several hundred, and most of them remain around 30 or 40. If you drink two more stalls, you will spend hundreds of dollars. By comparison, buying a cup of coffee and giving away a good-looking and practical shopping bag or perimeter looks obviously more cost-effective. As a result, there is always a grand occasion in which everyone is carrying a shopping bag at the coffee festival.

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