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How much can I pay for opening a coffee shop? The answer is to lose as much as you cast!

Published: 2024-03-01 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for people who have the idea of opening a coffee shop, netizens are now persuading: "it is easy to lose money in the stock market, but to open a coffee shop is to lose money to death." A few days ago, an independent coffee shop owner wrote on the social platform, "they all thought coffee

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For those who have the idea of opening a coffee shop, now netizens are persuading: "It's easy to lose money by speculating in stocks, but opening a coffee shop is exhausting to lose money."

A few days ago, an independent coffee shop owner posted on social platforms,"Everyone thinks coffee shops are very profitable, right?" Then the picture is the estimated income of orders from their stores on Meituan, amounting to 3.88 yuan.


Immediately, this note attracted a lot of coffee shop owners who also made takeout, and everyone also "showed" performance screenshots: obviously the original price of a single cup of coffee on Meituan was 21 yuan, but after deducting various discounts, subsidies and platform draw, the actual income was only a few yuan.


I thought this was already a very outrageous case, but the experienced people in the comment area told you that there were many "bitter" bosses who made coffee takeout at a loss, and orders in units of corners were even more common: some earned 38 cents for a cup of raw coconut latte, some sold a cup of pistachio latte to 32 cents, and some bosses didn't know whether to laugh or cry at negative orders... The rest were players who had been persuaded to withdraw by the platform's high commission ratio.

Why insist on opening takeout service when you know that doing business like this is a discount?

Some passers-by raised doubts."Can't I not participate in the platform event?" Or maybe the takeaway coffee unit price should be raised appropriately, so that the amount received would not be so pitiful. The boss also replied bluntly: "Yes, there is no single day."


Compared with the outrageous income of takeout orders, the owners who keep their own stores to "beat flies" seem to be low-key. In addition to debugging those two, the coffee machine has been on for almost a whole day, except for the holiday will be lively, most of the working days are playing mobile phones, a single day of water from 0 yuan to 100 yuan, that micro business or "mainly a barista between each other to promote consumption", said to be a duplicate plate also do not know where to start.


It can be seen from this, do not make money also hard to take out is only the merchants forced action, unless the store business itself is good, otherwise in the face of the price war brought by capital, want to recover the lost customers, they still have to obediently "pay tolls".

If the "negative income" of takeout reveals the struggle of independent stores, and the lack of physical stores intuitively makes bosses anxious, then the transfer of a large number of coffee shops is a helpless decision that everyone is seeking to keep only a way out.

Search for the keyword "coffee shop transfer" on the little red book, and you will see endless posts, from an occasional one in the past few days to dozens of updates a day now. Store location regardless of the city or town are located, there are several hundred flat double-decker shops, there are also more than a dozen flat warm shops, some people turn around and some idle, some people also package technology package equipment, transfer fees can be negotiated, anyway, just one word: urgent! Hurry! Hurry!


How many coffee shop owners thought that as long as they opened, they would definitely have business, even if they didn't make money, and thought that they would be lively after they formed a group of regular customers? When it was time to pay rent, when I was depressed about keeping the shop, when my income was not spent much, I realized that it was not the same thing at all. The initial budget was gradually exhausted, and even more than twice the planned amount was spent. The main loss was obvious!

However, even if countless "predecessors" fell on the beach, it could not stop more waves from wanting to open coffee shops. Under each coffee shop transfer note, there were newcomers who took the initiative to ask for bids. Even if they painstakingly describe the cruel status quo of the current industry, they will not be able to persuade them to fulfill their coffee dreams. They will not only draw a beautiful blueprint, but even expect to achieve wealth through coffee shops.

Perhaps, this was the so-called no turning back until he hit the south wall.

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