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Sign another champion? Does Ruixing want to "monopolize" the WBC championship seat?

Published: 2024-02-22 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/02/22, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop is less than 2 months before the countdown to 2023, lucky to have a big move to be issued soon. BoramJulioUm, champion of the WBC World Barista Competition, posted a number of photos on his personal social account on October 29th.

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With less than two months to go before the countdown to 2023, Lucky is about to make a big move.

Boram Julio Um, champion of the WBC World Barista Competition, posted a number of photos on his personal social account on Oct. 29, expressing the pleasant cooperation with Ruixing team and the characters in the @ photo. It is not difficult to guess, this should be lucky to sign the sixth WBC champion, as the new brand spokesman.


Ruixing's brand elements can be seen everywhere in the picture. In addition to him, several WBC champions who look familiar also wear Ruixing's barista aprons and are cleverly waiting for the opportunity to shoot.


That's right! The familiar faces are Hideki Izaki, WBC world champion in 2014, Anthony Anthony Douglas, winner of the 2022 World Barista Competition (WBC), and Agnieszka Rojewska, winner of the 2018 WBC World Barista Competition. Everyone has made great efforts in the field of WBC and finally won the cup smoothly. They are the veritable "bosses" in the boutique coffee circle.

If you also follow the previous World Barista Championships, you must know that this is the winner who just came out this year. At the end of June this year, with the end of the latest WBC, Boram Julio Um on the field with "team" and "Dream" as the theme throughout the show, with its excellent performance let the judges win praise again and again, and finally won the title of this World Barista Championship.


After winning the world barista championship, the Korean barista from Brazil has also become the focus of the boutique coffee circle, attracting the attention of the industry, including Lucky.

In March this year, Ruixing Guanxuan officially launched the global bean search program, and said that Anthony Douglas, the last WBC champion, led the team to hit the two major coffee producers in Ethiopia and Panama. After Anthony, Lucky now invites the sixth WBC champion, Boram Um, to once again expand the "Lucky WBC Champions team" and directly fill up the "gold content" of his team of spokesmen.


The four world champions rarely appear in the same frame, and all put on Ruixing's endorsement uniform, holding the "Little Blue Cup" to the camera, people can't help but sigh: Ruixing wants to "monopolize" the championship seat of WBC, right?

From the spokesmen of champions from all walks of life to the co-names of different brands, from the popular new products on the home page to the long-term coupons to be rolled up to death. Looking back on Ruixing's big moves since the beginning of the year, it can be said that all of them have shaken the coffee circle. Just when people think that Lucky is still busy planning the next "big name" joint name, in fact, they have already found the sixth important member for the WBC Champions League.

As for the specific news, let's wait and see the official announcement when Rui is lucky.

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