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Capital preservation is the primary goal of the coffee shop at present!

Published: 2024-06-13 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop "can't handle it!" At least 30,000 + coffee shops have quietly closed down. . " "the industry reshuffle is coming: more than 40,000 cafes in China have closed in 2023." more than 40,000 have closed down. where is the way to survive? Coffee shop crisis, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are stretched. "

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"I can't bear it! At least 30,000 + coffee shops have quietly closed down. . " "Industry reshuffle is coming: more than 40,000 domestic cafes closed in 2023."

"more than 40,000 families have closed down. Where is the way to survive? Coffee shop crisis, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are stretched.

The recent coffee market can be said to be a big reshuffle because of the 9.9 low price war between Lucky and Cuddy. So now there are many coffee shops that have to do whatever it takes to survive in such a fierce battlefield.


Recently, a Shanghai coffee shop owner posted that "Morning Coffee takeout is getting depressed!" There are a lot of takeout orders every morning, the production process is comparable to war, making takeout is about to get depressed. According to the shopkeeper's calculation, compared with September, the take-out income increased by 10,000 in October and the food in October increased by 8,000, but the labor expenditure on materials increased by about 12,000, which is one step closer to the capital preservation line. I have been busy and tired in the past two months, but I still failed to break even. The shopkeeper didn't expect it either. The shopkeeper hopes to break even if it is a little easier.


In fact, the shopkeeper also thought about closing takeout. In the current situation, there are no takeout orders, and there may only be dozens of cups of on-the-spot orders every day, which is not far from bankruptcy.

Secondly, this boss has also thought about making adjustments on the coffee machine, such as changing the current semi-automatic coffee machine to fully automatic, but he is afraid that it will affect the taste or flavor, and regular customers who have worked hard in the past may "run away."


Many netizens gave their opinions on this in the comment area, and some people thought, "this is not easy. If you raise the price, you will be done, and you will earn more if you are not busy." But if the price increases, according to the mechanism of the takeout platform, it will reduce a lot of orders. Some netizens said the real reason: "because the customer chose the category rather than the brand, he regarded you as a functional drink, and the increase of 10 cents was the reason why he did not choose you."


It can be seen that the customers in many coffee shops are not sticky enough and the repurchase rate is low, so when the price of the product goes up, there will be no one to pay the bill.

In fact, it can be seen that many people think that increasing the quantity of a unit may only need to increase or reduce the price. However, no one will pay for the price increase, and the actual profit will be much lower after the price reduction. And many independent coffee shops do not have their own roasting plants and supply chains like large chain coffee brands, so they are much more expensive than chain brands in terms of cost.


In the final analysis, the shopkeeper sent it to see if netizens can give effective advice and whether there is a better way to increase the order quantity, which is also a question that many coffee shop owners are thinking about.


For independent coffee shops want to break even, before opening the shop can make more plans, control costs, plan profit model, clear the positioning of their own stores, determine the target consumer groups, consumption habits, find an appropriate and reasonable price range.

We should also do a good job in promotion and use some social platforms to bring traffic to stores and expand the influence of stores. And can do some package group purchase promotion through the online platform.

In terms of products, we can attract consumers through unique differentiation, and we can distinguish between high-quality coffee beans and chain coffee shops. In addition, we can attract customers through distinctive decoration and environment, and establish a relationship with customers to increase customer stickiness.

In addition, we should continue to innovate, not be immutable, and innovative R & D should be customer-oriented and make products suitable for brand tone. Taste can not be too unique, too strange taste and shape can not effectively attract customers. Only in this way can we better adapt to the changes in the market, gain a foothold in this market, and avoid being eliminated in the fierce battlefield.

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