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If you want to be a barista, you'd better go to a chain or an independent coffee shop.

Published: 2024-05-20 Author: World Gafei
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I don't know how many people will want to be a barista. Maybe in the eyes of many people, baristas are very comfortable. They don't have to go back to the office and open them to work every day. They don't have to face endless daily, weekly, monthly, ppt and meetings every day.

So now many people want to be a barista so that they can drink and make coffee comfortably every day. But where should I do it if I want to be a barista? Now there are many large and small coffee shops on the market, there are chain coffee shops, and independent coffee shops, as a rookie how to choose?



At present, there are many choices for large coffee chains, such as Tims, Starbucks, Lucky, Cudy, Piye, etc. If you want some boutiques, you can choose m stand, manner,% Arabica and so on.


For these large chains, the general salary will not be too high, the threshold will be relatively low. Whether they are rookies or those who already have work experience, they will be recruited as long as they meet the needs of the company. After entering, we will conduct systematic training, learn store management, job responsibilities and so on.

The early work may be dominated by cleaners, washing cups and cleaning stores. There are strict rules and procedures for coffee production, and there will be a lot of work. And some of the coffee machines used in the chain are fully automatic and may be slightly weaker in terms of technology.


But in the large chain can learn a lot of operation, management things, as well as some publicity, marketing and other aspects will be better. And the welfare is better than that of an independent coffee shop.

Even if an independent coffee shop is an independent coffee shop, in fact, it can not escape the life of being a cleaner in the early stage, and it still has to be washed, but in an independent coffee shop, you can learn skills from some masters. It may be more tiring in an independent coffee shop, although the working hours are more flexible, but all the large and small affairs in the store need to be handled.


In independent coffee shops, you will have higher requirements for making coffee, you can learn more in-depth coffee knowledge, and you can better refine your own coffee skills and skills.


Of course, some people will choose both, and many netizens suggest that they can first go to large chain stores to learn management and operation, and then go to independent coffee shops to improve their technology.

Of course, some netizens will suggest to find some coffee training institutions, in these institutions to learn theory and other knowledge. But now many coffee training institutions can be found on some social platforms. If you want to learn, you should carefully distinguish the true from the false. There are also many fraudulent institutions on the market.


To sum up, no matter which kind of coffee shop you choose has both advantages and disadvantages. You should choose carefully, make your own career planning, and make decisions that you do not regret.

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