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What is the roast color of coffee beans? How to Make a Coffee Bean

Published: 2024-05-25 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/05/25, For example, if the color of the bean is brown and light, we guess it will be a light roasted bean; if the color is brown and dark, we guess it will be a dark roasted bean

We often make a preliminary guess about the baking degree of the coffee bean according to its appearance color. For example, if the appearance color of the bean is brown and bright, we will guess that it may be a light baked bean; if the color is brown, dark, then we will guess that it may be a deep-baked bean!


These color differences caused by baking have long been scientifically distinguished by professionals in the industry. They give different color numbers-the Agtron color value-according to the depth of the color and the time when they come out of the pot, which is currently the basis for the roasting degree of coffee, which translates to "caramelization analysis value".


The picture shows the coffee card made by SCAA. You can see that there are eight different color plates, which correspond to the colors that will appear at different degrees of baking, and below them, there are different sizes of numbers, which are what we call Agtron color values. The larger the number, the lighter the color; the smaller the number, the darker the color! Among them, the lightest baking degree is called light baking (Light Roast), and the Agtron color value is 95. When the baking time is about to end, the flavor of this kind of beans is mainly bright acid. Beans with an Agtron value of 85, known as cinnamon baking (Cinnamon Roast), can be heard sporadically around the end of an explosion, that is, when they come out. This kind of baked beans will be slightly sour, and the sweetness will become obvious. Beans with an Agtron value of 75, known as moderate baking (Medium Roast), come out after no popping sound is heard, that is, after the explosion is completely over. Generally speaking, the acidity and sweetness of this roasted coffee flavor will be balanced, showing the texture of fruit juice. Beans with an Agtron value of 65, known as deep baking (High Roast), come out of the pot during the quiet period before the second explosion, when the flavor begins to be bitter, with deep baked flavors such as nuts, cream and chocolate. Beans with an Agtron value of 55, known as urban baking (City Roast), were baked around the beginning of the second explosion, still based on the initial triple sound. The bitterness of this kind of baked beans will be further improved. Beans with an obvious caramel aroma and an Agtron color value of 45 are called city-wide baking (Full City Roast). The baking time has changed so much just 10 seconds from the last baking color value before the second explosion. Its main flavor has a more intense bitter taste and scorching fragrance! Beans with an Agtron value of 35, known as French baking (French Roast), come out around the time of the second explosion, when the beans are scrambling to make a sound. When you choose to bake at this time, you can not only hear them making a continuous sound after coming out of the pot, but also see that the surface of the beans has begun to ooze. Beans with an Agtron value of 25, known as Italian roasting (Itatian Roast), come out about the end of the second explosion (after the dense sound), when the coffee beans are dark and even reflective, because a large amount of oil has been removed from the bean surface, and at this time, the flavor of the beans begins to show obvious fuel consumption! According to the corresponding description of the color value, we can know that the coffee beans baked in the three color value ranges of 95, 85 and 75 are dominated by different degrees of sour taste. While the color value of 65 begins to go down, bitterness begins to dominate the overall taste trend, because near the node before the second explosion, the sour taste has almost dissipated!


Like 35-color French baking and 25-color Italian deep roasting, it is difficult to see them on the market, because since the trend of boutique coffee, people's love has gradually changed from very deep to light roasting. But the purpose of Qianjie sharing color value today is to introduce people to this thing. There is no need for people to apply them to daily life. After all, there are many treatments such as honey treatment and anaerobic treatment that affect the color of beans and cause cognitive differences. If you rigidly correspond to the color values, it will be difficult to reach unity and cause differences in communication.


So, as Qianjie said, we only need to judge the depth of the beans according to the flavor we taste. Sour taste can be classified as light baking, and bitterness can be classified as deep baking.


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