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NetEase publicly reported Nestle, Nestle: do not carry the pot!

Published: 2024-07-14 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop have you recently brushed Nestle, NetEase and Tencent melon? In the latest news, this "big series" has been updated! On November 9, some netizens posted that NetEase's ice maker in the teahouse was second-hand received from Tencent, even Tencent.

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Have you recently brushed Nestle, Netease and Tencent melons? The latest news, this "large-scale series" has been updated!

On November 9, a netizen posted that the ice machine in Netease tea room was second-hand from Tencent, and even Tencent's label was not torn off.


This post quickly attracted netizens to watch, among which there are many Internet manufacturers, one after another with humorous language to tease two "competitors", some netizens play: "Good news: dig a senior from goose; bad news: ice machine."


Even worse, Netease's internal staff also left a message in the comment area: "Thank you, the coffee machine has been seated, this morning found that the ice machine and coffee machine disappeared together!" Help! It's tragic and funny!



There are Netease employees shouting their own official: So really false? How did you let an "enemy employee" in? Hurry up and investigate!

On November 10, Netease recruitment official issued a special explanation for this:


What does Netease say in this description? Key points: First, the ice machine is indeed a "former employee" from Tencent. After receiving relevant feedback, Netease immediately sealed and tested the related second-hand ice machine, Nespresso coffee beans and milk powder. II. Nestle conceals and resells second-hand food machines, or involves illegal activities.

Some may wonder: Can ice machines not be sold twice? According to relevant national regulations, ice makers are food processing tools for making direct-entry ice cubes. Nestle, as an agent, should ensure that the ice makers it provides to customers including Netease are hygienic and safe, and conduct inspections according to law to ensure that relevant products meet relevant national standards and hygiene standards.

According to the Shanghai Securities News, Netease subsequently sent a letter to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, reporting that there were major food safety hazards in the second-hand ice machines provided by Nestle and its agents to Netease and other customers, suspected of violating relevant national standards and legal requirements for the production and sales of "ice machine" equipment due to problems such as concealed source, second-hand use, bare metal transportation and insufficient supervision.

Netease believes that, without Netease's knowledge, Nestle first-class agent provides Netease with second-hand ice makers with major food hygiene safety hazards, and fails to comply with food safety transportation standards during transportation, greatly increasing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and other substances harmful to human health, failing to fulfill the legal obligations of food operators, which may cause major potential safety hazards. At the same time, Nestlé did not fulfill its regulatory responsibilities to its agents.

According to the interface news report, on November 14, in response to Netease's report, Nestle China responded: "We have recently monitored reports on" Netease reported to the State Administration of Market Supervision that Nestle and its distributors provided second-hand ice machines to Netease ". We attach great importance to this and launch an internal investigation as soon as possible. Initial verification indicates that the ice maker mentioned in this incident was not manufactured or supplied by Nestle."


I didn't expect the reversal to come so quickly! With Nestle's denial response, this "series" may not be over yet, please watch the officials, sit in line, eat melons!


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