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A glass of milk costs 23 yuan, and McDonald's is called a "milk assassin."

Published: 2024-07-18 Author: World Gafei
Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, a topic about "netizens complain about 23 yuan per cup of McDonald's milk" went viral on Weibo and attracted widespread attention. McDonald's was accused of being a "milk assassin". On November 11, some netizens posted a complaint on the social platform that McDonald's

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A topic about "netizens complain about 23 yuan a cup of McDonald's milk" has gone viral on Weibo and attracted widespread attention. McDonald's is accused of being a "milk assassin".


On November 11, some netizens complained on the social platform that a glass of hot milk at McDonald's sells for 23 yuan. "is the cow going extinct? I was scared by the sky-high price of wheat milk."

Not long after the note was issued, it attracted the attention and heated discussion of passers-by. Many netizens said that the price was indeed ridiculously expensive. "two glasses of milk is enough for me to buy a case," while others joked that the reason why milk is so expensive is to "set off the performance-to-price ratio of other drinks." is 23 yuan a noble milk that is now being milked? "


Another netizen on the topic shared his experience, saying that when he ordered a glass of milk at McDonald's, the staff opened a bottle of pure milk, which might cost as little as 2.5 yuan, poured it into a machine, then filled it in a cup and produced it directly.


However, some netizens feel that the clearly marked price of the merchant is reasonable, and in places such as high-speed railway stations, the operating cost of the store itself will be much higher. In fact, in addition to McDonald's, the milk items of some chain restaurants are not low, so if you think it is expensive, it will be a lot cheaper to buy a set meal, of course, you can choose not to spend.

According to McDonald's official Mini Program, the milk is available in three sizes: large, medium and small, with the corresponding prices of 23 yuan, 19 yuan and 15 yuan, and the same price for ice drinks and hot drinks. On the McDonald's order page, there is also an introduction of "quality dairy products with strict control, fresh cooking". The 23 yuan hot milk shown in the above screenshot is a medium 12-ounce cup (about 354.84 milliliters), which is 4 yuan more expensive than the price of an ordinary store.


In response to netizens' complaints about 23 yuan per cup of milk, a customer service at a McDonald's restaurant at a high-speed railway station said, "the prices of restaurants at the railway station will be higher, and there will be a difference between low-priced and high-priced restaurants, and prices will be different in different business circles." When it comes to the difference between McDonald's milk and outside milk, the staff is not clear.


In order to understand the milk sources used by McDonald's, a reporter consulted relevant McDonald's staff, according to Zhongxin Jingwei. The other party said that this milk uses ternary fresh milk and is only heated by a machine. As for why it is so expensive, the other side said, "this is a uniform price." All hot milk at McDonald's is at the same price. "

In addition to Beijing, the milk is also on sale at some McDonald's stores in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places at the same price, but with different sources, according to McDonald's official Mini Program account. Among them, the staff of the Shanghai store said that the hot milk in the store used Guangming's pure raw milk, while the staff of the Guangzhou store said it used Weiji fresh milk (according to the official website, Weiji originated from the Hong Kong milk brand in 1940).

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