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Broken and safe? The blue bottle coffee cup was shabby as soon as I got it!

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All cup lovers! Gather around!

I believe that when collecting cups, we must pay attention to the "cup demons" of the coffee industry, such as Starbucks, Manner,% Arabica and other cup giants. One of the brands that have to be mentioned is blue bottle coffee. A simple blue bottle on the cup is enough to attract attention, attracting many enthusiasts to "collect stamps", and some even show a collection cup full of cabinets. Four of the five cabinets are blue bottle coffee cups and related coffee cups, which is very shocking.

The blue bottle lived up to expectations and recently put on a new cup that made collectors ecstatic. Some time ago, it launched a 2023 holiday limited cup in Japan, among which a pine-green mug is very popular. Because it fits the atmosphere of the upcoming Christmas and has a good appearance, many fans of the blue bottle travel thousands of miles to Japan to buy the cup, accompanied by a murmur: "Why don't I have it!"

Perhaps the demand was too loud. On Nov. 5, Blue bottle Coffee official announced that the green cup was also on sale in China. As soon as the official announcement was made, Mini Program's limited cups quickly sold out, and only some stores still had room to sell. It is said that the authorities have no plans to replenish goods for the time being, and enthusiasts who are anxious to find international purchasing agents have to find domestic purchasing agents to "rob" various offline stores.

However, the joy of snatching did not last long, and many netizens found that the cup, which finally got its hands after a lot of difficulties, was flawed. Judging from the pictures sent out, some cups are unevenly glazed, with a white or darker green right through the blue bottle pattern on the front, and some cup walls are rugged, causing people to shout: "obsessive-compulsive disorder!"

A customer dialed the customer service phone to seek a reasonable explanation, but the doubt was not answered: "the customer service said that the craftsman made it by hand, so the color was uneven." I don't understand why craftsmen are called craftsmen at this level. "

On the new product tweet promotion page, Blue bottle wrote: "each cup has been hand-glazed, showing a slightly different state." Each cup is a different glaze color, different, this is the biggest feature and selling point of this mug. According to netizens with ip addresses in the United States and Japan, they also got imperfect mugs, not just buyers in China.

It is understood that the first selling price of this cup in Japan is 3080 yen, and that in China is 198 yuan. The only difference lies in the printing at the bottom of the cup. There are brand names, series names and other information at the bottom of the original cup, while the green cup sold in China has only a "Made in Japan" at the bottom. For consumers who want to give away the cup or use it for a long-term collection, the missing lines of information are crucial, and there is not a slight difference in the overall design.

In response to these problems, the official explained that the products sold in each market are the same, but some of the logos will be adjusted according to different market norms, there may be differences, please take the physical object as the standard.

It is already miserable that the real object is not in line with expectations, and there is even worse! Some of the "unlucky guys" who bought online saw a very collapsing scene before they even took the cup out of the box: the cup, I thought about it-it cracked! In this way, there is only a ceramic cup in the packed carton, there is no filling protection measures such as foam paper, broken and unbroken purely depends on luck.

Did not expect, spent a lot of money, painstaking efforts, drifting across the sea to get the quality of the cup is not satisfactory, full of expectations to be spilled clean by a basin of cold water. I don't know what to say. I feel sorry for the money of the blue bottle coffee players.

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