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How does the family coffee corner come out of the circle?

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Last Updated: 2024/02/29, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop the coffee market is fiercely competitive, coffee shops are growing explosively, and it seems normal to sell a cup of coffee for 9.90 yuan. But for some people whose consumption has been downgraded after the epidemic, even if there is 9.9 yuan of coffee outside, they will jump away from the chain brand.

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Nowadays, the coffee market is highly competitive, coffee shops are growing explosively, and it seems to be the norm for a cup of coffee to sell for 9.90 yuan. But for some people whose consumption has been degraded after the epidemic, even if there is 9.9 yuan of coffee outside, they will jump away from chain brands or community coffee shops and choose to make their own coffee at home.

Choosing to make coffee at home is not only about the actual cost, but also about the choice of "state of life". You can choose the beans you want, make a cup of coffee when you want, and enjoy the fun and fulfillment of DIY; you don't have to worry about waiting in line at the coffee shop, closing time or seats available. From this point of view, making coffee at home is simply a convenient, pleasant and easy thing.

In terms of utensils, there are a wide variety of tools for making coffee, from simple and rough to complex and fine, rich and frugal, which can be roughly divided into two categories: Italian style and follicles. For those who pursue the flavor of coffee beans, they tend to prefer follicular coffee, most of which are hand-brewed coffee. next, let's take a look at what's in the coffee corner.

First, the simple entry version: clip (bushi) advanced version: hand bean grinder + electronic scale + thermometer + hand punch pot + filter cup + sharing pot advanced version: temperature control hand punch pot + electric bean grinder

The family bigwigs have:

Bean grinders with different cutters.

Filter cups of different shapes and materials: tapered, trapezoidal, origami filter cups.

All kinds of auxiliary tools: powder sieve, Lily Drip (Lili Zhu).

Gradually, a corner of the house was filled with all kinds of coffee utensils. "is this still a coffee corner? is this the warehouse at home?"

Those who pursue espresso will consider mocha pots and even espresso machines.

The espresso liquid brewed from the mocha pot can be used as a coffee base, mixed with water to make American style or milk to become a latte. Some people are equipped with coffee machines to make it more convenient and faster. The fully automatic coffee machine is the best choice for lazy people, while the semi-automatic coffee machine is more professional and manipulative. Using it can make yourself a "barista addiction".

Some people in the choice of coffee machine, will also choose a good-looking appearance, so that not only can make coffee, but also play a decorative role, the family coffee corner immediately have a sense of atmosphere. Make a cup of coffee by yourself and enjoy the results, ritual and satisfaction brought by the do-it-yourself arrangement.

For many people today, coffee is a powerful tool to improve their happiness, and the establishment of a "family coffee corner" has undoubtedly added a lot of interest to life, even if the space and budget are limited, they will take good care of this unique corner. After all, this unique experience cannot be felt on the outside.

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