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Is the air polluted? Internal and external sellers of Starbucks are driven away by customers

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Last Updated: 2024/03/01, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop imagine that you are drinking coffee in a Starbucks when you suddenly notice a takeout guy sitting by the wall. He does not consume drinks. Would you be unhappy? On November 29, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, netizens reported that a woman was in Xingba.

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Imagine that you are drinking coffee at a Starbucks when you suddenly notice a takeout guy sitting by the wall. He doesn't consume drinks. Would you be unhappy? On November 29, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, netizens reported that when a woman was spending money in a Starbucks store, she was dissatisfied with the delivery boy's rest in the store and asked the clerk to drive her away. According to eyewitnesses, the takeout boy was only taking a short rest in the store, while the woman felt that he had affected her rest experience and insisted on driving it away.

According to the Qianjiang video report, the reason for the customer's dissatisfaction is that the air in the store has been polluted by takeaways! Passers-by at the scene said that she was still shouting that the takeout boy could never be on the same level as her. At the end of the incident, Starbucks staff and security guards took the woman out of the store.

Statements such as "air pollution" and "not at the same level" infuriated netizens who believed that the woman was ordinary as well as the takeout clerk, so who was superior to whom? Public places should abide by the order and rules of public places. if you attach so much importance to personal experience and are afraid of air pollution, you can guarantee a certain period of time in which sellers inside and outside the limited period of time are not allowed to enter, but it is necessary to compensate them and businesses for the corresponding loss of passenger flow. However, as the takeout guy in the incident did not go to the store to spend, but was looking for an empty seat to have a rest, which led to another discussion: can I have a seat without spending? On the one hand, there are voices who believe that location is reserved for customers, and that seating without consumption not only occupies space and limited seats, but also distracts the resources provided by businesses in the areas of service and environmental hygiene. in fact, it encroaches on the rights and interests of consumers in the real sense, which will also hinder businesses. One netizen asked: "although, if one day the Starbucks store is full of takeaways and non-consumers, will customers still choose to spend in your store?" In addition, in the view of some netizens, whether we should invite takeaways who do not spend depends on the situation. "the quality of some little brothers is a little poor. For example, making a lot of noise, coughing and sneezing without a mask at the exit or the customer's dining space, being disrespectful and causing the body to hit the customer, wearing dust, horses blocking the door and occupying parking spaces, and so on." it will indeed cause damage to the consumption environment in the store. It is suggested that shops with conditions and high requirements for themselves can open separate restaurants. Even though this practical problem is in front of us, in this incident, when the Starbucks store is not yet overcrowded, if the takeout guy just sits in his seat and rests quietly and does not have much impact on the customers around him, it won't be so hard on him. On the other hand, one of the core points of Starbucks corporate culture is to "create a new experiential cultural atmosphere" and provide "the third space". According to insiders, Starbucks rules do not allow customers to be driven away for no reason, and it is written in the employee manual: "customers who do not spend are allowed to sit in the store or use the bathroom." Therefore, there is no big problem with the takeout boy's practice. Going back to the question at the beginning, what do you think of it after knowing the whole story?

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