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Accurate to seconds!? Watch the barista and go to the bathroom alone.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop has been making coffee at the bar for a long time, there will always be some things that suddenly have to leave temporarily, such as: people have three urgent things. For many baristas, they seldom seem to think about it seriously-just go to the emergency, because there are still some in the store.

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After making coffee at the bar for a long time, there will always be some things that suddenly have to leave temporarily, such as: people have three urgent things. For many baristas, they rarely seem to think about it seriously-just go to the emergency. Anyway, there are other employees in the store, so it's okay to lose one person in such a short period of time. However, for Manner baristas, this has become a "luxury". Recently, a netizen posted that he saw a very interesting picture in the Manner store. The bar was empty. In the notice board erected by the clerk, in addition to the official store phone board, there were also two small notes and a countdown timer to inform customers that they were going to the toilet. It is estimated that 10 minutes are left, and the time is accurate to seconds, which can be said to be very rigorous.

Some netizens laughed that the baristas of Manner should be the ones who love to go to the toilet. "I don't know why, I went to a lot of Manner, and I met the barista in the toilet many times, and I sent an order in advance thinking that I could take it away from the store. As a result, the barista hasn't come back from the toilet, and it's like this many times, why?" Manner internal staff revealed that not all of the so-called "going to the bathroom" is really going to the bathroom, maybe it is to take out the garbage, maybe it is to replenish the materials, the bar can not be empty, and many miscellaneous things are not good to explain in detail, so they have to use the phrase "go to the bathroom". At this time, some coffee counterparts asked: many coffee chains, such as Starbucks, do not allow no one at the bar during business hours. Isn't it illegal for Manner to do so? Some netizens will solve the doubts for Manner employees. If there is a choice, no one is willing to let the bar empty and let customers wait. It is really unreasonable in the management of the company. Only several baristas work at the same time in stores with large turnover, while relatively few stores often have only one clerk to work, cashier at rush hour, coffee to be made, and go downstairs to send takeout orders to takeout staff. I hate that I don't have three heads and six arms. You can only leave the bar when there are relatively few people.

The inside story of Manner coffee is already known to everyone in the industry, but customers do not know about it, and it is often difficult to understand that there is no one at the bar, and they may even complain about bad reviews because of the long waiting time. The baristas of Manner had no choice but to rack their brains to find another way. Or use the most primitive method-handwritten notes! The communication with the guests is also particularly simple, just shout! Or choose the small blackboard props, the focus will be listed in different colors, the black background color words conspicuous and eye-catching, but also can wipe off recycling! Or requisition the order tablet in the store and use a large font to simply and rudely indicate: I'm going to eat! Take out the trash! Go to the bathroom! Please call, be right back! Of course, adding a timer is a good idea. Because waiting for the unknown is more frightening than waiting. Clear time countdown, convenient for customers to adjust expectations, place orders as soon as possible, and do not buy or refund orders without waiting. Netizens said: "even if you set up half an hour, it will at least give customers something to look forward to. This is great!" Although these ways of communication may seem strange, even a little baffling, in fact, baristas are having fun in a system that cannot be changed for the time being. I hope that through such an interesting way, baristas and customers can understand each other a little more.

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